Afrinian family left their home after threatening to kill them by gangs

The family from Afrin city has been deported by Turkish occupation gangs, and kidnapped the youngest son in the family before releasing him after his parents paid money to the gangs.

As part of a series of abuses affecting the indigenous people in the city of Afrin, the Turkish occupation army's mercenaries in cooperation with their agents to arrest the young man "D,M" from the neighborhoods of al-Zaidia in Afrin and took him to an unknown destination.

After several attempts by his family to find out his fate, the mercenaries asked them for $ 1,000 after being brutally tortured.

The mercenaries also threatened to expel the young man from Afrin.

 (ANHA) correspondent communicated with the family, who refused to reveal her identity completely, the mercenaries threatened to kill the family if they did not leave their home and leave Afrin, forcing them to go out and go to the city of Aleppo where they now live.

The family is living now in Aleppo city and 3 of their children.



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