Afrin women exposed to brutal practices coinciding with International Women Day

The member of Kongra Star Coordination in Afrin Hevi Suleiman regretted that the International Women Day approaches and they are outside their canton, and that the women in Afrin are subjected to the worst practices of Turkish occupation.


With the beginning of Rojava Revolution in northeast Syria, the development and highlight of the image of women in Afrin canton was the pioneer on all levels through the organization of mass events and activities from the beginning of March until the eighth day of March, the International Women Day.

As Afrin canton was occupied in 18 March 2018 by the Turkish state and its mercenaries, the women were considerably maltreated and practices such as, kidnapping, intimidation, murdering and raping as well as marginalization of their role under the cover the black dress and imposing the veil committed against them.

As the International Women Day approaches, the women in Afrin are suffering from the most inhumane practices of murdering, raping and kidnapping as a result of the Turkish occupation at a time when the international community is celebrating this day with appreciation and respect for the efforts and status of women.

On this subject, our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) has met with the member of Kongra Star Coordination Hevi Suleiman which congratulated all the hardworking and struggling women in order to attain their rights and live in a free and democratic society, especially the women of north and east of Syria.

She commemorated the achievements made by the women of Afrin during Rojava Revolution and the joy of the entire canton to receive the eighth day of March. She added, "The will of women has been able to change the masculine authoritarian mentality until the atmosphere of equality and democracy prevailed in the region."

Hevi continued, "There are women in Afrin suffering from the practices of the Turkish occupation. All countries are celebrating the achievements made by women at all levels, but the women in Afrin are suffering from the occupation's practices."

The member of Kongra Star Coordination Hevi Suleiman called on women and human rights organizations to take the situation of women in Afrin canton into account and start serious investigations by sending delegations to the occupied Afrin to document the violations that are still committed by the occupation to this day, and hold Turkey the accountability for that.



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