Afrin Women... Example of organized women, resistance to occupation

In the midst of the war and the tragedy of displacement, and with great efforts over a year, Afrin women managed to protect themselves taking intellectual training, activities and special events to bridge them in the face of the Turkish aggression towards liberating Afrin, adhering to the option of resistance.


With the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries launching the fiercest attacks using NATO weapons and thousands of mercenaries and elements, the resistance and steadfastness of the Afrin women in all their components took the lead in all areas, activities and frontline lines.

Despite the pain of displacement, the Afrin women organized themselves during the years of the Rojava Revolution in all respects and chose struggle to stand up to Turkish fascism.

They have gained strength and self-preservation from the consequences of displacement

The first step Kongra Star took in the region was to meet with women in each village, area and camp located in the villages of the Şêrewa district and al-Shahba canton through meetings during which they explained the political developments and the reasons that forced them to exit.

The women also began to form women's committees as well as a center for the Kongra Star in each area and village. This step played an effective role in organizing the women and protecting them from aftermath of displacement and in particular to protect them from early marriage.

In addition, 80% of the civic centers and the Autonomous Administration's bodies and institutions are women, while 50% of them are co-chairs.

Plans, progress and liberating Afrin are priorities

In 25 July 2018, the second conference of Kongra Star in al-Shahba under the slogan "In the spirit of Resistance of the Age, we will make the revolution of women a community revolution" with the participation of 500 delegates from Aleppo, Kobani and al-Shahba. The conference drew a plan and important projects and prioritized Afrin liberation.

The member of the Coordinating Kongra Star in Afrin Newroz Hashim talked to ANHA, and confirmed that after holding the conference they took immediately to organize the ranks of women and most importantly access to every woman in the region and the pursuit of training and education, and women's will is stronger than Turkish presence on Afrin. "Therefore, in the spirit and steadfastness of women, we will end the Turkish aggression in Afrin."

Hashim stressed that the determination of the woman to return to Afrin is manifested through her participation in all activities condemning Turkey's violations of the rights of women in the occupied Afrin.

Training and intellectual awareness: A way to face the Turkish occupation in Afrin

Following the approach of the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan on the importance of training, women of Afrin living in al-Shahba intensified training activities in all its aspects, and accordingly over a year more than 14 training sessions were opened in the region, about the democratic nation, the history of women, the history of women, the communal life, and the crises of the Middle East.

"The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries thought by occupying Afrin, they would be able to control and impose its fascist mentality on the women of the region, as happened in every part of the territory of Syria," said the mother, Asya Ismail, on the sidelines of her open training session, a resident of Raju district in Afrin canton. "But we rejected its presence among us and through receiving daily intellectual training we can protect ourselves and our thought and ensure our return to Afrin."

Preserving the culture and folkloric heritage

On the other hand, in order to preserve Afrin Kurdish heritage and the Kurdish language at the request of women, many mother language courses were opened, which dozens of elderly women and young women join. In addition to the folkloric heritage, the Golden Crescent organized the cultural week performing songs and dances of folklore in response to the acts of the Turkish aggression in the occupied Afrin including the genocide and obliterating culture of communities.

Our steadfastness amid rubble and suffering are a message in themselves

Sevin Hussein one of the resisting women in Serdem camp said, "The great efforts and suffering that we endure in the camps amid the rubble of war alone are a meaningful message of struggle and clinging to homeland. We confirm our steadfastness and escalate our resistance in various ways until Afrin is liberated. "

Committed to the struggle and sacrifice until the liberation of Afrin, saving women

The co-chair of Afrin Council Sherin Hassan said in this regard, "Turkish occupation of Afrin did not discourage women from resistance and steadfastness, March 8th was and remains the clear message of women in the face of the mentality of the Turkish occupation and are determined to make more efforts and sacrifices until liberating Afrin from the Turkish presence and saving women besieged from Turkey's mercenary gangs."


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