Afrin students protest against KNC's demands

The Democratic Society Education Movement for Afrin region organized a demonstration to protest the demands of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) to stop education in the Kurdish curricula.

Dozens of students in Berxwedan camp and members of the Democratic Society Education Movement for Afrin and al-Shahba cantons participated in the demonstration, and the participants raised banners with "We will protect the language that our ancestors preserved with our souls," "If you are Kurds, why are you seeking to exterminate Kurdish language," "Unity is achieved with language and culture, if you are Kurds, so what is your language?"

The demonstration began in front of the entrance to Berxwedan camp and headed towards the camp's school yard, amid chanting slogans that salute the Kurdish language, Afrin resistance and reject the Kurdish National Council's demands to stop teaching in their mother tongue.

The demonstrators gathered in the school yard, where Shelan Ala, the Member of the Movement for Democratic Society Education for Afrin region read a statement saying:

"The Kurdish people made great sacrifices in order to prove their mother tongue and teach in it, and now thousands of students and pupils are studying the Kurdish language, and this is a legitimate right and never contradicts international laws.

In the name of the teachers and students in Afrin region, we strongly condemn this action and stance, and those who try to be a party to this conspiracy must review themselves and their Kurdishness, and not implement the scheme of the enemies of the Kurds."

The demonstration ended with chanting slogans that revive the Kurdish language and the Resistance of the Age.



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