Afrin Social Association- Committee for the Displaced of Serêkaniyê condemn Janders massacre

The Afrin Social Association and the Committee for the Displaced of Serêkaniyê condemned the Janders massacre and called for holding the perpetrators accountable, ending the occupation and ensuring a safe return for the displaced.

On Wednesday, the Afrin Social Association in the city of Qamishlo made a statement to the world public opinion, condemning the massacre committed by the mercenaries of "Ahrar al-Sharqiya" affiliated with the Turkish occupation on March 20th, against 4 citizens in the Janders district of Afrin canton, for lighting the Newroz flame.

The statement, which was read by the citizen, Jiwan Ahmed, and the citizen, Zuhriban Hussein, was delivered in both languages (English and Arabic) in front of the UNHCR building in the Seyahi neighborhood of Qamishlo, in the presence of dozens of Afrin IDPs, and members of the Afrin Social Association, while banners were raised that read: " Holding Turkey and its mercenaries accountable”, “Five years of injustice”, “No to the Turkish occupation, no to Brotherhood terrorism”, “No to injustice, yes to freedom”, “Finding a political solution to the Syrian file”, “We condemn and denounce the killing of citizens in Janders”, “Long live the Janders uprising” Janders is not alone.

The statement condemned the "heinous crime committed by terrorist groups against citizens," and called on international and human rights organizations to:

* Declaring Afrin a demilitarized humanitarian zone, expelling all military factions, and allowing the safe return of its indigenous inhabitants, provided that the process is under the supervision of the international community.

* Hold accountable those responsible for committing crimes against humanity and daily violations of international humanitarian law.

Handing over the administration and security of the Afrin region to its original local population. Accordingly, building a fair and transparent judicial system.

*Release all detainees and abductees, clarify the fate of the forcibly disappeared, and compensate those affected.

Ensuring that the media and international human rights organizations enter Afrin and operate freely.

For its part, the Committee for the Displaced of Serêkaniyê today made a statement to the public opinion, condemning the massacre.

The statement affirmed, "We, the Committee of the Displaced Persons of Serêkaniyê / Ras al-Ayn / Resh Aino, at a time when we share the tragedies and bitterness of displacement with the displaced people of Afrin, and we offer deepest condolences to the families of the four martyrs, and we wish a speedy recovery for the wounded. We condemn and denounce these criminal acts, and we call on the international community to break its silence to express a clear position on These daily crimes in the occupied territories are considered a flagrant violation of the laws and principles of human rights and the rights of indigenous peoples.

The statement called for "pressure on the Turkish occupation state in order to end this occupation and ensure a safe return of the displaced to their villages and cities."

T/ Satt.


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