Afrin residents live in rent; their homes are sold by mercenaries

Turkey's policy of demographic change continues in Afrin canton, which it has occupied for more than three years. In many barbaric ways, the proportion of Kurds in Afrin has been reduced, from 95% before its occupation, to less than 23%. It turned it into a shelter for settlers and mercenaries.

According to the Human Rights Organization of Afrin-Syria, 487 women, 22 minors and 43 citizens, including 12 women and 15 minors, were abducted during the current year.
According to the Organization's statistics, since the beginning of the occupation of Afrin canton, more than 8,000 people, the majority of whom are women, children and the elderly, have been abducted and distributed in mercenary prisons in the occupied areas of Al-Rai', Azaz, Jarabulus, Bab and Idlib, occupied by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham mercenaries. Some of them are abducted and tried in Turkish courts for crimes they have not committed, in flagrant violation of all international covenants, while the fate of more than, 1,000 unknown persons remains to date.

The organization also monitored over 70 cases of rape and sexual violence of Kurdish women in the prisons of the so-called "Military Police" run by mercenary Mohammad Mohammedin, under supervision of Turkish intelligence, the International Fact-Finding Committee published a report in September 2020 confirming the crimes of rape and physical and psychological abuse of women abducted in mercenary prisons.

It has also built more than 17 settlements, supported by extremist Brotherhood Associations supported by Qatar and Kuwait, particularly within the Yazidis' villages.

The spokesman for the Human Rights Organization Afrin Ibrahim Sheikho, told ANHA agency: "Over the course of the current year, 250 homes were taken over by the people, sold among the mercenary factions, even the people in Afrin city, living in rental houses, and their houses were sold by mercenaries and their owners rented within metres of them, not even daring to claim them for fear, after witnessing the barbarity and barbarism of the mercenaries.

On the formation of the so-called Repaying Injustice Committee, Sheikho said: "Despite the establishment of Repaying Injustice Committee, for the return of citizens' property, which has been seized by mercenaries, this Commission is a formality, owing to its dependence on the mercenaries

He asserted that most of the families who returned to Afrin during the past month, after the propaganda published by the Kurdish National Council and the Kurd Independent Association; they were abducted by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries. Their parents demand financial ransoms for their release. The amounts requested range from $5,000 to $10,000. It could reach tens of thousands, citing 15 Kurdish kidnapped released after payment.

He highlighted the bias of international media to serve Turkey's interests, and its failure to convey the reality of what is happening in occupied Afrin, "particularly the issue of settlements in which Turkey has established its occupation and changed the demography of the region. It's flying its flag. It is administered by the mayor of the Turkish state of Hatay as part of it, and incites the killing and abduction of indigenous people to prevent their return to their homes, contrary to what Turkey and its mercenaries and agents of the Kurdish parties are promoting, this crime that Turkey denies like all other crimes, and the world stands idly by.



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