Afrin refugees: Turkey seeks to displace us from al-Shahba, but we will stay

Afrin canton 's residents and those who had been displaced to al-Shahba district denounced the daily shelling on Sherawa district's villages and al-Shahab canton.

Not a day passes without bombing the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries on Sherawa district and al-Shahba canton, and the bombardment has increased in frequency following the appeal launched by the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, about a month ago and calling for a focus on tackling the deadly coronavirus.

The displaced woman from Afrin, Houria Hanan said: “Since our migration from Afrin to al-Shahba district, mercenary attacks against us had not stopped but the intensity of the attacks increased a while ago in terms of shelling with rockets and missiles.

The displaced Fakhri Omar Sultan pointed out that the purpose of the shelling of the occupiers on Sherawa district and al-Shahba canton is to intimidate us and forcibly displace us from here, but we are not afraid and remain in al-Shahba despite what is happening because we are struggling here to return to our homeland and our land."

Fakhri mentioned the coronavirus crisis and said: "The world is preoccupied to fight Coivd -19, and the mercenaries are busy bombing our villages." He added: "The whole world has stopped everything and put all its capabilities in the fight against the pandemic of corona, but the mercenaries led by Erdogan do not take into account anything and continue in their shelling and barbarism, they have no mercy, they practice a special war on the people, but the people are aware of these practices and do not believe their slander. "

In her turn, the displaced, Lelya Rasho, said: “We will not get out of here no matter how mercenaries have bombed and killed.” She added: “Some time ago, we saw shells fell in the vicinity of al- Awda camp, and everyone knows that those in the camps are refugees."



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