​​​​​​​Afrin refugees ask for Kurdish unity

The refugees of Afrin have demanded for the unity of the Kurdish row, to prevent Turkey form achieving its purpose in sowing discord between the Kurdish people.

The Refugees of Afrin, who are staying in al-Shahba canton demanded for the Kurdish unity to foil Turkish occupation plans, which aims to break the unity of the Kurdish house.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) explored the Afrin refugees' views, who are living in Sardam camp in al-Shahba canton, where met with the citizen Hassan Qara Ali, who said:" Mazloum Abdi's initiative for Kurdish rapprochement, followed by the Kurdish intellectuals and politicians called for that, and the last call to unity the Kurdish rank by the leader Abdullah Ocalan, when he made a phone call to his family, and called for the unity of the Kurdish house.

He continued his speech on Ali, saying: "The occupied Turkish state is against the Kurdish unity project, and it is repeatedly trying to thwart this project, and the greatest evidence for this is the occupation of Afrin, GIRÊ SPî, Serêkaniyê, and the last of which is the attack on Zînî wartê.

Qara Ali added: “Erdogan said: (If we find a tent for the Kurds in Africa, we will break it), so the Kurdish people must join hands together in the face of this fascism. If we do not, we will go back another century.”

In her turn, the displaced woman, Fidan Fatko, said: “The Turkish state’s demand is to thwart the Kurdish unity plan, but if we become one hand, no one can separate the Kurdish people, so the dreams of the Turkish state will be vanished."

Citizen Amal Kahraman also said: "The unity of the Kurdish house is a positive work and we have to interact with it. Just as Mazloum Abdi appealed to the unity of the Kurdish rank, we also appeal to the people to join hands together to make this project a success."



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