Afrin People's Municipality face all challenges to provide services

The People's Municipality of Afrin region is seeking to provide electricity, repair sewerage, repair damaged roads and secure drinking water in the villages of al- Shahba.


The people of Afrin were forcibly displaced from their homes after the Turkish aggression, on Afrin canton and its occupation on 18 March 2018, to al-Shahba canton. The people have suffered from the destruction of the infrastructure of the villages where IS and Turkish occupation mercenaries occupies until the end of 2015.

The People's Municipalities in al-Shahba canton and the municipalities of Afrin canton, which have restructured themselves, have been working in the villages, towns and camps so far, and are seeking to secure the necessities of life from water, electricity and bread.

Bina village of ​​Şêrawa district in Afrin suffers from the problem of securing drinking water, in order to distill water wells located in the village, after rainfall and the leakage of sewage and soil.

Therefore, the People's Municipality provided a special channel for the distribution of drinking water to the people on a daily basis. In addition, a special committee analyzes the well water in ​​Şêrawa villages and al-Shahba and sends a sample from each well of Aleppo for test.

After the rain, storms and winds, electricity wires that provide homes to electricity were affected by generators. During January, the municipality accelerated the repair of wires and electricity to the residents.

It is noteworthy that the municipality secured 70 generators in 10 months, and put them in the camps and villages, while extending electricity to each house free of charge. The municipality continues to work on repairing electricity networks in some villages in al-Shahba canton, as electricity is not received regularly.

As for the repair and opening of sewerage systems, the People's Municipality continues to repair the sewage networks, which have been damaged by the battles in the area in previous years. The municipality depends on opening the sewer from time to time and cleaning it, because it cannot secure the channels for extension.

Restoration of the road between Tal Qarah and Ahras

The drivers and residents had difficulty reaching to the villages of al-Shahba and Kafer Naya and the villages adjacent to them, in order to damage the road between the village of Tal Qarah and Ahras, which is 3 kilometers in size, the roads have disrupted the vehicles of many residents.

The municipality worked on asphalting the roads and sprayed it with water, The main road was paved in the village of Kafr Naya with stones with a length of 500 meters, to fill the holes and assist the cars in crossing easily.

In this context, the co-chair of the Local Administration and Municipalities of Afrin region Fayek Ahmed said that the work carried out by the People's Municipality was a good step, and they as the People's Municipality will work to provide services and repair and solve all the problems experienced by the people.



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