Afrin people" We to resist till return our home

The displaced people of Afrin said that they will continue the resistance until the liberation of Afrin and return to it, condemning the continued attacks by the occupation and its mercenaries on the areas of NE, Syria.

On January 20, 2018, the Turkish occupation army launched its attack on Afrin district, which led to the displacement of thousands of people, the seizure of their homes and the looting of their property.

The Turkish occupation followed the policy of demographic change, then continued its violations by attacking north and east Syria on October 9 this year, to repeat what it had previously done in Afrin, and on the pretext of establishing a safe zone.

The people of Afrin, who live in the camps of al-Shahba district, and who were displaced from their homes due to the occupation, rejected the Turkish attacks and stressed their continued resistance in the face of the occupation.

Zalukh Omar, who lives in Sardam camp, in terms of events that said: “Before the Turkish occupation’s attack on Afrin, we were living in safety and security. After the Turkish occupation, the worst violations were committed, especially the women were considerably maltreated, such as killing, kidnapping, etc.

On her part, Qudrat Ahmed, from the village of Kafr Zait in Afrin, said: "The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries had attacked us with warplanes and all heavy weapons, and every aim was to steal our property, homes, and our crop of olive, and to displace us from our land."

"The Turkish occupation, through its attack on Afrin canton, wanted to end the existence of the Kurds and their long history, he occupied our land and uprooted our trees to trade in it. The violations committed by the Turkish occupation army belong completely to ISIS and they support terrorism," said Amina Rasheed, who also lives in Sardam camp.



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