Afrin people: We to continue our struggle

The people of Afrin said they will continue in their resistance despite the the Turkish occupation army's bombardment on al-Shahba canton.

The Turkish occupation army continues to shell the villages and towns of al-Shahba canton, which is inhabited by the people of Afrin who have been forced to displace from their homes, where the populated areas are being shelled from time to time, causing in material and human damage.

The citizen, Jumard Mukhtar, said, "On Saturday evening, we have been attacked by a shell that fell next to the 10th commune in Tel- Reefat, without injuries or dead The Turkish occupation caused the martyrdom of many people of Afrin during the bombing in the past days."

In Sherawa district's villages belonging to Afrin canto, Turkish occupation shells Sokana village in daily basis, the occupation also burns olive trees belonging to the residents.

The citizen Kanizar Mohammed said that "The Turkish occupation set fire to our orchard and burned about 250 olive trees, but I could not get there and extinguish the fire."

In his turn, the citizen Hussien Mamo from the same village said that "The Turkish occupation is targeting our village only to get out of it, but we do not get out



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