Afrin people: We to continue in our struggle with will weapon

 The people of Afrin confirmed that they will tirelessly continue to resist and set liberation of Afrin before their eyes, denouncing the silence of the Syrian regime and Russia on the Turkish violations in Afrin.

The people of Afrin who were forced to displace from their homes after the Turkish aggression on their homes, heading towards to al-Shahba canton, and now living in semi-destructive houses, stressing that they are still struggling to return to Afrin. The people of Afrin at home live amid the daily violations committed by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

The residents of Afrin who are living in al-Shahba said that they continue to resist "tirelessly" during interviews with our agency (ANHA).

The citizen Salam Ebo from the village of Kurzêlê in Afrin said that "as we approach the year and a half of the occupation of Afrin, we are still struggling in al-Shahba in semi-destroyed houses and camps." We face many difficulties of life from winter cold and summer heat. And "we are facing a shortage of medical drugs and negligence of humanitarian organizations to provide assistance to us."

Ebo stressed that they continue to resist "the weapon of will until the liberation of Afrin."

Citizen Khadija Ali from the people of Rajo district said that the Turkish occupation targets the will and morale of the people of Afrin "but the Turkish occupation will not achieve its goal.

Khadija Ali said that the Syrian regime and Russia still remain silent on the Turkish occupation's violations in Afrin, adding: "They are ignoring what is happening in Afrin, the Turkish occupation is shelling our houses and they are still keeping silent. The will of the people of Afrin will prevail over all the excesses that occur against them and will liberate Afrin.

Citizen, Bakr Aliko, who is from Afrin people, he is staying in Tel- Qarah village in al-Shahba canton, said that they live in a historical stage amidst the difficult conditions they live in. "Despite the negligence of the international society, we are still resisting without tirelessly and set liberation of Afrin before our eyes.



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