​​​​​​​Afrin people call for removing isolation on Ocalan

The people of Afrin called on the humanitarian and international organizations to work to lift the isolation on the Leader Abdullah Ocalan in light of fears of the spread of Corona virus in the Turkish prisons.

In light of the spread of the Corona virus in the world, especially in Turkey, and the increasing fears of its spread in prisons, the people of northern and eastern Syria are calling for removing the isolation imposed on the Leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The displaced residents of Al-Shahba canton called on the international organizations to intervene and work to remove the isolation on the Leader Ocalan.

Shadia Hannan said that the Corona virus has been threatening humanity, pointed to the danger of the virus spreading in the Turkish prisons, and called on "the international and human rights organizations to allow lawyers and doctors to communicate with the Leader Abdullah Ocalan to reveal his health and safety in light of the spread of this dangerous epidemic."

In her turn, Sariya Hannan said that the prisons are more vulnerable to the epidemic, adding: "That is why we ask the United Nations to reveal the health of the Leader Abdullah Ocalan because we do not know what the status of the Leader Ocalan is."

The citizen Mohammed Hannan noted that the Turkish authorities are tightening the isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and added: "The leader Abdullah Ocalan is the leader of all peoples because he calls for the brotherhood of peoples and the promotion of democracy in the world."

Hannan emphasized that Ocalan's prison did not prevent the spread of his ideas which were embodied in the project of the democratic nation on which the peoples of northern and eastern Syria depend.

Hannan called on the concerned international bodies to work to lift the isolation on the Leader Ocalan.


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