Afrin Liberation Forces reveal record of one of its fighters

The Afrin Liberation Forces revealed the record of a fighter who was martyred while confronting the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries during the second phase of the resistance of the era.

The forces revealed in a written statement that the martyr, Serhildan Sason, has resisted valiantly in the face of the Turkish occupation army.

We commemorate our comrade Serhildan Sason

To the press and general public

On March 3rd, our fighter Serhildan Sason was martyred in Afrin during the second phase of the Afrin Resistance.

Comrade Serhildan was born amid a patriotic family. He played an important role as a fighter in our struggle and resistance against the occupiers. With his attitude as a resistent fighter, he took a firm stance with great anger against the occupation, genocide and all types of backwards mentalities. Comrade Serhildan took the tasks and responsibilities that were given to him in the ranks of the resistance with great success and was later united with the martyrs.

The identity of our martyred comrade is as follows;

Nom de guerre: Serhildan Sason

Name by birth: Adem Irtem

Mother’s name: Ziynet

Father’s name: Yasin

Place and date of martyrdom: The second phase of the Afrin Resistance / March 3rd 2020

In the person of Comrade Serhildan Sason, we commemorate all heroic martyrs. We offer our condolences to the family of our martyr and all of our people.


Afrin Liberation Forces
March 5th 2020

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