Afrin liberation Forces carried out operations against mercenaries in Afrin, Azaz

Afrin Liberation Forces revealed a statement on 3 operations carried out by their forces on 17 February against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin and Azaz.


Afrin Liberation Forces issued a statement revealing the results of three operations carried out by their forces, the statement said:

"Our fighters continue to carry out operations against the Turkish-backed terrorists in and around Afrin. Our units have carried out 3 operations in Afrin and Azaz on February 17.

Our fighters struck a vehicle of Turkish terrorists patrolling in Afrin’s Bilbil town, wounding terrorists and a soldier.

Our units have carried out an operation against a base of the Turkish-backed jihadi group Nour al-Din al-Zanki in Afrin’s Janders. While the group suffered losses, the number of casualties couldn’t be clarified.

HRE fighters hit another base of Turkish-backed jihadists called al-Jabha al-Shamiyya in Kil Jibrin of Azaz. A terrorist called Omar al-Jasem was killed, another one called Mahmoud al-Ali was injured in the operation."



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