Afrin intellectuals: Hunger strike campaigns message to world

Intellectuals from Afrin said that hunger strike campaigns are a message to the world that we do not need to eat and drink as much as we need and crave freedom for our people, they pointed out that international nations should place human values as their basis.


The parliamentarian Lelya Guven who has been on her hunger strike since 123 days with her comrades who begun their campaign for the freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

A member of the Union of Intellectuals, Mohammed Walid, said: "The history of the Kurdish people is full of battles, victories and resistance in the face of the world, most notably the resistance of the prisons of Mohmmed Xeyrî Durmuş, Alî Çîçek, Akif Yilmaz and Kamal Per, who have created in their resistance a culture and a spirit that people still live. And the good example was to hunger strike campaigns for at this time by MP Leyla Guven's vanguard that is achieved.

The world must place human values as its foundation

The member of the Union of Intellectuals Rukan Hussein, she pointed out  "The campaigns to hunger strike led by MP Leyla Guven whose hunger strike entered for more than three months is a clear message to the world that food and drink are not as important to us as we are to the freedom of our leader and our people. We are a people eager for freedom and struggling for freedom that is our right."



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