Afrin displaced: We to continue resistance till Afrin liberation

The displaced people of Afrin canton who are currently residing in Tel Rifat district in al-Shahba canton stressed that their resistance and their will will not be undermined in front of the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, but the resistance will continue until the liberation of Afrin.

The displaced people of Afrin district residing in Tel Rifat denounced the continuous attacks by the Turkish occupation and mercenaries on Tel Rifat, and demanded the occupation’s exit from their land and securing the appropriate conditions for return.

Regarding the attacks by the Turkish occupation and the conditions of the displaced, Hawar news agency monitored the opinions of the displaced people of Afrin canton who are residing in Tel Rifat district.

Nabiha Aref, a citizen from al-Rahmaniya village said: "After the 58-day resistance, we were forced to displace to Tel Rifat. We, the civilians and children, have no fault to be targeted by Turkey with all kinds of weapons."  

Nabiha wondered: "What does Erdogan want from us? Does he ask us to give up our land so easily? At this age, I will resist the occupation with my crutch. We will not abandon our land to anyone."

In turn, the citizen Esmat Sheikho from Mobata district of Afrin canton added: "We used to live in safety and peace, but the Turkish aggression and its mercenaries launched their attack on us, bombed the children, women and men and killed thousands of Afrin people. To this day, the Turkish occupation has not stopped targeting the civilians, and continues its brutal bombing on Tel Rifat district where thousands of displaced people from Afrin are living."

Sheikho continued saying: "Erdogan is a person devoid of humanity, as he does not accept the idea of ​​coexistence among the peoples and components. That is why he decided to eliminate the system in Afrin, attacked Afrin and drove us out of it. Today, he continues his attacks on al-Shahba district with the aim of driving us away from our land, dispersing the Kurdish people and ending their presence in the region, but we confirm that he will not be able to achieve this goal because we are the owners of the land and the right. We will resist until the last breath, and we will not leave this land only heading towards Afrin."

Sheikho appealed to the human rights organizations to consider the situation of the displaced people of Afrin and to send a Fact-Finding Committee to consider the brutal violations committed by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against the displaced people of Afrin.

In turn, the citizen Fidan Rashid from Bulbul district said: "The fascist Erdogan killed thousands of Afrin civilians, and every day, he bombs Tel Rifat district."

Fidan added: "We will not give up our land, and our resistance continues until the liberation of Afrin."

Fidan concluded her speech addressing Erdogan: "Get out of our land, no one wants you here. We want to return to Afrin."

Furthermore, the Turkish occupation and the mercenary gangs supported by Turkey continue their frequent bombing of the civilian areas in al-Shahba canton. They committed a massacre in Tel Rifat that left ten victims, including eight children on the second of December last year.


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