Afrin components: Occupation wants to spread sedition among Syrians  

The people of Afrin region; Arabs, Kurds, and Turkmens said that the Turkish occupation pursues a policy aimed at spreading distinction among the components of the Syrian people, but they stressed that the occupation's attacks and its policy increase the cohesion and brotherhood among the components of the region.

The people of Afrin who live in al-Shahba canton stress the importance of interdependence among the Syrian components, as Syria is known for the diversity of its social fabric and the multiplicity of components residing within its borders.

Among the most prominent principles of the democratic nation project is the fraternity of peoples according to which the Kurds coexist with the Arabs, Turkmens, Syriacs and Armenians on the same land and in a participatory manner.

The Autonomous Administration is based on the project of the democratic nation (proposed by the leader Abdullah Ocalan) in dealing with the political, social, cultural and historical issues.

The citizen Mohamed al-Hussein from the Arab component says: "The circumstances of the war that Syria went through and the attacks of the Turkish occupation on the northern and eastern regions of Syria have led to one result which is the fraternity of peoples, human unity and sincerity in dealing."

Hussein continued: "By the brotherhood of the peoples, we can withstand the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries and liberate our land from the occupation because the brotherhood contributes to merging the people's energies with various components in one path."

Zilan Walo from the Kurdish component said to Hawar news agency: "We live in the region without distinguishing between a Kurd, an Arab, or a Turkmen thanks to the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan who calls for the consecration of the peoples’ brotherhood."

She emphasized that the Turkish occupation aims to spread the distinction among the peoples of the region and fight the democratic thought and the principle of peoples’ fraternity. She made clear that the people of the region will stand in solidarity until the liberation of all Syrian lands.

In a related context, the citizen Mohammed Jumaa of the Turkmen component said: "We live with all components as one family in one house thanks to the thought given to us by the leader Abdullah Ocalan from which we seek positive results."

Jumaa concluded his speech by saying: "The main goal of the tyrant Erdogan is to crush the democratic thought and brotherhood of peoples among the Arabs, Turkmens and Assyrians."

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Turkey has been known to pursue a religious and ethnic policy according to which it interfered in the details of the Syrian situation, which contributed to the deterioration of the situation in the country in a bad way, in addition to the increase of mercenary and terrorist gangs that use religion as a slogan and subject the people to its control, and Turkey was the main supporter of it such as ISIS and al-Nusra mercenaries.



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