Afrin clans’ notables demand holding mercenaries accountable for their crimes

A number of clans’ notables in Afrin and al-Shahba blamed the international community for the violations practiced against Afrin women, and considered that the international silence means giving the Turkish state and its mercenaries the green light of what it is doing in Afrin.

The clan’s notables considered that the failure of the international community to hold the Turkish occupation army’s mercenaries accountable for their crimes in Afrin canton made them dare to violate the honor.

The Sheikhan clan’s elder in Afrin canton Ali Rashid denounced the violations and appealed to the international countries to find solutions for that. He said: “We condemn the crimes and violations that are taking place against the women of Afrin, and I appeal to the major countries that have tried all their weapons in Syria to find a solution for these attacks. Do not you see the injustice of Turkey and its mercenaries towards us? Do not you hear our appeals?”

Ali stressed that those who commit violations will be held accountable for their actions: “If there is no one to hold you accountable on the ground, Allah will hold you accountable wherever you are.” He addressed the international community and the organizations that claim to be humanitarian and advocate the women’s rights and said: “You are all responsible for what is happening in Afrin, you are far from Islam, and your cooperation with Erdogan means your cooperation with terrorism. We are fighting terrorism, and we pay the price, so why do not we have the right.”

For his part, the Kitkan clan’s notable in Afrin canton Khalil Resho called on holding the mercenaries accountable for their actions, as he said: “The mercenaries’ violations have exceeded humanity and morals. We saw on T.V channels naked women in the mercenaries’ prisons. Which revolution those mercenaries are talking about and which mentality do they have. But it is not surprising that the perpetrator is the Turkish state whose bloody history and brutal actions are present.”

Khalil pointed out that the mercenaries’ practices are far from Islam: “They still advocate Islam. Which Islam do they talk about ??! The ISIS detainees to the Syrian Democratic Forces are estimated in the thousands, but their dealings with the prisoners are in accordance with the law. We, the elders of the clans, will not forget what you are doing, and we will write to history what you did. We have dignity and morals, we will defend our rights and we will not remain idle.”

Khalil also indicated that the international silence made the mercenaries dare to increase the severity of their violations. He said: “You killed the innocent, stole their homes, and did a lot. There was an international silence, so that you dared to carry out moral violations against our women. All international powers and human rights organizations must intervene immediately to stop these attacks.”

In his turn, al-Batosh clan’s notables in al-Shahba canton Ibrahim Ali regretted that these mercenaries are Arabs, saying: “Where are the Arab customs that you possess to violate the honor, which culture you received to violate the sanctity of women. We regret that you are Arabs while you do these actions. You know what sin you have committed, and what you will get for this act from God.”

Ibrahim asserted that the mercenaries’ stay in Afrin will not last long, as he said: “Your stay in Afrin will not prolong a lot. One day, you will come out of it.”



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