Afrin.. civilians are kidnapped, forced to pay ransom for release

Turkish intelligence, in coordination with the so-called military police, kidnapped a number of civilians in the occupied Afrin canton, while the relatives of some of them were forced to pay the ransom in exchange for their release, while the fate of others remains unknown.

According to what our correspondent from the Human Rights Organization in Afrin-Syria reported, sources reported that the Turkish intelligence services, in coordination with the so-called military and civilian police, and the mercenaries of the Syrian National Army factions of the Turkish occupation launched a campaign of arrests and kidnappings of the elderly, children and women inside the occupied city of Afrin.

In details, the organization stated that on June 30 last year, mercenaries carried out a raid campaign for the village of Dargere of the Mobata District in the occupied city of Afrin, at 05:00 am, and kidnapped 6 civilians from the village and those known are "Jamal Omar Aliko 28 years old, Sabri Ahmed Muhammad, 40 years old, Muhyiddin Aliko, 55, his mother, Fidan, Abdo Muhammad Abdullah, 35, his mother, Fatima, Imad Qadir Hussain, 35, and his mother, Amina, while the identity of the sixth civilian has not been identified.

The organization noted that the mercenaries released Gamal Omar Aliko, Imad Qadir Hussain and Abdo Muhammad Abdullah yesterday after their families paid a ransom, while the rest are still being kidnapped by the Turkish military and intelligence police.

Besides, the military police of the Turkish occupation, in coordination with the Turkish intelligence, arrested a number of Kurdish elderly women who were: “Hanifa Ajo 70 years old, Nabiha Jawdat 70 years old, Karima’s wife Muhammad Sidu 60 years old, Jannat Mustafa 50 years old, Fatima Ma’mo 50 years, Fahima's wife, Mahmoud Ahmed Habash, 45 years old in the end of April 2020.

Three days after their abduction, they were released after their families paid 400 TL in exchange for the release of each of them, whereas other elderly women were sentenced and their families forced to pay 200 TL.


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