Afrin citizens: Ocalan demanded us to unit rows, organization, continuing struggle

The Kurdish unity, organization and freedom of women were the main topics that the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan talked about during his meetings with the people of Rojava.

During the presence of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan in Syria and Lebanon, he was keen to communicate permanently with the people of Rojava. A number of Afrin residents who met Ocalan talked about these meetings and stressed that Ocalan was very keen on the unity of the Kurdish rows and the organization.

Asmat Rasul met Ocalan twice in 1991 and 1992. Rasul says that Ocalan and during the meetings spoke extensively about the unity of the Kurdish rows against the foes.

Rasul pointed out that the things that Ocalan talked about in that period are achieved today on the ground. "The leader was talking about the need for unity. Today, the Kurdish people united and achieved victory and turned into a resistant people with a will."

And added, "The leader told us that we did not have to rely on any country. We had to rely on ourselves. Today, the victories we achieved have been achieved by virtue of our unity and our dependence on ourselves, and this was thanks to the ideology and philosophy of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan."

The citizen Janak Deco met with the leader Abdullah Ocalan in 1992 in Aleppo. Janak Deco denounced at the beginning of her speech the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, and demanded the lifting of the isolation. She said, "The Turkish state believed that the arrest of the leader would undermine the will of the Kurdish people, but the people escalated their struggle." In this regard, she referred to the resistance of the activist Leyla Guven and her fellow hunger strikers to lift the isolation imposed on Ocalan. She added, "The Kurdish people will escalate the activities for the leader Ocalan."



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