Afrin children: We will return to our land

15 children from Afrin expressed, through 110 drawings and manual works, what Afrin witnessed of aggression by the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries, highlighting the culture of the people of the region. They said, "We will transfer our culture from generation to generation and the enemies will not be able to erase it."


The opening ceremony of the exhibition began with performing a number of songs by the students amidst the trills of the mothers.

Then, the students and their families toured the exhibition and watched the drawings and handicrafts.

The student Renim Bico participated in the exhibition with a drawing for the Kurdish folkloric clothes about which she said that it is proof to the world that the Kurdish culture will remain, and no one can erase it, especially Turkey which is trying to exterminate the Kurdish ancient culture.

The teacher Julia Khairu participated in the "Return to Afrin" exhibition with a drawing for a child in his mother's womb and wrote "I want to be born in Afrin."



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