Afrin antiquities open to looting by Turkish Occupation Forces

The Directory of Antiquities of the Afrin Canton has indicated that the archaeological site of Tal Katex has been open to robbery and demolition by the Turkish Occupation Forces and the affiliated mercenaries, in addition to smuggling a vast number of relics to outside the country. 

The archaeological site of Tel Katex lies close to the road linking the city of Afrin to the Raco District on the Şiyê juncture. 

It was confirmed by the Directory of Antiquities of the Afrin Canton that the Turkish Occupation State and the affiliated mercenaries, after the Turkish offensive on Afrin, used to sabotage and dig the perimeter of the Tal Katex site by heavy machinery.   

Digging were carried out in three sites on the Tal Katex archaeological site, the first to the east of the site, that lies between the train bridge and the hill's base to the east, and the second was close to the highway juncture to the Raco District and Şiyê, to the north of the railway, and the third on the highway to Raco,   

The Directory of Antiquates made clear that the sabotaged area is around (5000)m2, according to information obtained in 2018, noting that caravans, rub- hall tents and all heavy machinery are seen close to the site, that underlines a big process is being taking place of sabotage and diggings on the site.     

According to information obtained in July 2019, the Directory of Antiquities made clear that digging and sabotage operations have reached the Akropol, and that around 18000m2 has been sabotaged and that some olive trees were cut down, in addition to digging a big space of the third site close to the Raco road that amounts to 6 hectares.

It was noted by the Directory of Antiquities that Turkish Occupation Forces and the affiliated mercenaries continue destruction and sabotaging the archaeological sites and hills and robbing their relics to be smuggled out of the country, amid complete blackout by the media and the international silence, that led to the aggravating situation in the Afrin Canton and continuation of crimes and breaches on systematic and constant bases, for a single site could never be exempt from excavation, confirming the difficulty to document any of that where the city of Afrin is closed to the world.



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