Afrin, al-Shahba people: in the spirit of Resistance of the Age, Şiladizê… revolt in face of Turkish occupation

Thousands of people from Afrin and al-Shahba cantons have demonstrated to denounce the attacks of the Turkish occupation on Başûr Kurdistan and al-Shahba canton and its violations in Afrin, and demanded the Kurdish peoples' union in the face of the occupation policy.

Under the slogan "in the spirit of Resistance to the Age and Şiladizê…revolt in the face of the Turkish occupation," thousands of people of Afrin and Shahba and the area of ​​Şiladizê and the camps of "Berxwedan, Serdem, Afrin and Awda" of all components in a mass rally, which held in essence the spirit of uprising and disobedience against the approach of treachery and conspiracy with the occupation on Kurdistan.

The demonstrators held pictures of the martyrs of the resistance of Rojava as well as the photographs of the martyrs of the hunger strike, a large picture of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and olive branches.

They also carried banners marked with slogans praising the resistance of the Kurdish people and condemning the violations and attacks of the Turkish occupation and international silence, and calling for unity in the face of the occupation policy.

The demonstration began in front of the village of Babens village in al-Shahba's Fafin district, during which the demonstrators chanted slogans saluting the resistance of Şiladizê and the Resistance of the Age and denounce the traitors and occupiers.

Residents gathered in the courtyard of the bazaar in the center of the village of Babens. After a minute of silence, a member of the Coordinating Committee of Kongra Star in Afrin canton Zelal Xebat gave a speech in which she saluted resistance of the demonstrators and the people in Şiladizê, who resisted the attacks of the Turkish occupation, and denounced the complicity and silence of the Kurdistan Region government.

She pointed out that the attacks on Başûr are continuation of the policy of the Turkish occupation in Afrin, it is possible that the fate of Başûr Kurdistan is more dangerous than the fate of Afrin due to complicity of its government and the concessions to the Turkish occupation.

She called on all peoples to rise and escalate the pace of struggle, stressing that resistance and struggle will get the people to the shores of freedom.

Afterwards, a statement on behalf of the al-Shahba Council was read, it included: "The Turkish fascist state supporting terrorism has occupied precious parts of Syria, including the city of Afrin. There are massacres, killings, kidnappings, and recently, the families of mercenaries settled in the city whose original inhabitants are forced to evacuate their homes, thus, completing the demographic change and Turkificating the region."

"The Turkish state not only occupied, but daily is bombing al-Shahba canton and its villages and killing civilians who were displaced from their city to al-Shahba aiming to remove them again from Afrin.

Then, a statement on behalf of Afrin Council was read, in which the council demanded the Kurdistan people at home and abroad to organize themselves and unite in the face of the occupation policy, and appealed to the international community to break its silence on the violations and attacks of the Turkish occupation.

The demonstration ended with slogans echoing the resistance of the Age and the resistance of Şiladizê.



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