Afrin, al-Shahba notables demand uprising against Turkish occupation

The notables of the villages of Afrin and al-Shahba appealed to the people in the occupied territories to rise up against the occupation and demand liberating them. They stressed the necessity of all segments of the society standing together in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue to solve the Syrian crisis and drafting a constitution that guarantees the rights of all components.

Afrin, al-Shahba (al-Bab, Jarablus and Azaz) notables met today to celebrate victory over Daesh, and called on the people of the occupied territories to rise up against the Turkish occupation and remove it from Syrian territory, in addition to discussing the necessity of all Syrian parties' cohesion, including the Syrian government, on the Syrian-Syrian dialogue.

The meeting was held in a tent in Fafin district in al-Shahba canton, with the participation of dozens of tribal elders from Jaralus, al-Bab, Azaz, Afrin and the women of al-Shahba and Afrin cantons.

The meeting began with a minute of silence, and then one of the notables of al-Shahba clans Moaz Raslan gave a speech in which he blessed the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian people by eliminating Daesh. He called on the Syrian government to cooperate with all the Syrian national forces and parties to sit and participate in the intra-Syrian dialogue and not to give a chance to external parties to set a map of the Syrian society, the need to discuss the situation of the country, and to circumvent the interests of Syria.

Then, one of the dignitaries of Afrin clans Ali Rasheed, recalled the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the process of eliminating Daesh mercenaries and martyrs who resisted the Turkish occupation, congratulating the meeting and the unity of all the dignitaries who met, which he described as "united together we will reach a Syrian agreement to find peaceful solutions to the crisis Syria, and to remove all the brutal and occupying forces of Syrian territory. "

Calls for uprising against the occupation

Then, one of the tribal elders of al-Shahba canton, Haji Walid Hamadi, gave a speech in which he praised the victory of SDF over Daesh. "It opens the door to another victory, the elimination of the occupiers in the Syrian territories," he said.

Hammadi called on SDF to complete the march until the liberation of al-Shahba and Afrin. "The eyes and ambitions are many on the Syrian lands, so they sent the greedy and thieves and armed them to tear this country apart and rob it, especially the Turkish state, which was the main reason for prolonging the Syrian crisis. No solution can be reached as long as the Turkish occupation exists in Syrian territory. "

Hammadi called on the national and the Syrian government to join forces "to be the solution to Syria, to put the Syrian constitution and determine the fate of the components of Syria, while calling the Syrian people expatriates and those in the occupied territories to go out in demonstrations to denounce the Turkish occupation and demand their exit," and stressed the need to activate the role of dignitaries " because they are fundamental in Syrian society ".

Call for the Syrian-Syrian dialogue

For his part, Osama Ahmed, the co-chair of the Union of Intellectuals of Afrin canton, delivered a speech in which he stressed that the meeting of the dignitaries of the Afrin and al-Shahba clans reflects the principle of brotherhood of the peoples and the solidarity. He pointed out that the conclusion of the Syrian crisis cannot be based on external agendas, but through solidarity, dialogue, and appropriate solutions ".

Ahmed criticized some of the Syrian political parties that depend on foreign countries to find solutions to their crisis, "foreign countries take care of their interests and measure solutions on this scale."

Osama said that Daesh mercenaries have been eliminated completely in northern and eastern Syria, "because the mindset is still present, and terrorism exists in Syria through the presence of the Turkish occupation in Syrian territory and support for terrorism, which threatens the security and unity of Syrian territory."

Osama pointed out that the occupation of Turkey to Afrin violated international laws and all understandings, "they exercise ethnic cleansing and demographic change, all documented by evidence."

He called on all sides and the Syrian parties and the Syrian government to circumvent the Syrian-Syrian dialogue and to draft a Syrian constitution that guarantees the rights and components of all components.

Then several figures from the audience delivered a speech praising SDF victory, hoping for victory over the Turkish occupation and the territorial integrity of Syria.

Final Statement

The meeting ended with a final statement, read by one of the elders of Afrin clans, Walid Ghabari.

The statement blessed the victory of Syrian Democratic Forces and all the national forces over Daesh, and said that after these great victories achieved in the last strongholds of Daesh "victory will not be completed only by the liberation of Afrin and Idlib and Azaz, al-Bab, Jarablus and all occupied Syrian territory."

The statement called on SDF and all national forces to move to liberate Afrin and the rest of the occupied Syrian territories, and called on the people in the occupied territories to stand up for their "dignity".

The statement also rejected any resolution that excludes any inch of Syrian territory from any side. He called on the Syrian regime and all national forces to return to the Syrian-Syrian dialogue to serve the interests of the country away from external agendas.

The statement concluded by appealing to the international community to shoulder its responsibilities towards the trial of Daesh mercenaries for liberated Syrian territory and to build a new and civilized Syria that preserves all the components of Syria.



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