Afrin, al-Shahba components: Ocalan's ideology spread democratic concept 

The people of the cantons of Afrin and al-Shahba of all religions confirmed that the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan established the concept of democracy and unity among all peoples, so it is necessary to apply his democratic ideology to spread the peace in the Middle East and the world.


The international conspiracy against Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan has entered its 21st year, which began with his arrest on February 15, 1999 in Kenya, in an attempt to eliminate the democratic ideology for which he is fighting.

Ocalan calls for the necessity of the peoples' brotherhood and the establishment of a democratic nation in which each component of different races, sects and ethnicities will take their rights, and on this basis, the components of Afrin and al-Shahba canton indicated that the concept of democracy in the world must be applied to spread the peace.

The citizen Diyar Khodan, who is Christian, lives in Tel-Swsin village said" We condemn the international plot against the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, and considered 15 February as a black day for all the peoples, Turkish state is trying to eliminate the ideology and philosophy of the leader Ocalan and undermine the will of the Kurdish people."

Khodan pointed out that the Turkish state cannot end the thought and philosophy of leader Ocalan "because his idea, democratic thought, aims to get all components, peoples and minorities rights, and I as a Christian believe in the thought of Ocalan."

Jamil Gharib al-Armani, who lives in Babens village, said "  "For hundreds of years, we have lived together from different ethnic groups, without any distinction between one component and another, but the ruling regimes have repeatedly aimed at creating sectarian wars and creating discrimination and racism, especially among minorities, but with the appearance of Ocalan, we have seen the theory of tyrannical rulers, Ocalan changed the fate of millions and began to demand the rights of all peoples. "

"Whatever we talk about the leader of Ocalan, we cannot give him his right, and we say that we will follow his approach, he established democracy among the components of the region," he said.



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