Afghanistan announces killing police chief, 4 of Taliban while repelling latter's attack

A spokesman for the police chief of Badakhstan province in eastern Afghanistan, Sanaullah Rouhani, announced the killing of a local police chief and 4 militants in clashes between the police and the Taliban Movement, following an attack launched by the latter.

The spokesman said that the police chief was called Ghazi Shahid, and explained that the attack took place in the city of Fayez Abad, the provincial capital, after the Taliban attacked checkpoints of the so-called "Popular Uprising Forces."

Rouhani indicated that one of his men was also wounded in addition to 5 Taliban in the clashes that lasted for an hour, and the security forces repelled the attack of the Movement which did not comment on the attack.

Last Thursday, Afghan security forces killed 65 Taliban elements during a fierce battle in eastern Afghanistan, officials said.

Peace negotiations between the Taliban Movement and the Afghan government have been launched since 12 September, as they try to find ways to end 19 years of war.

However, after promising beginnings, the discussions have been moving at a slower pace, and the two sides have not yet agreed on an agenda, while violence has not stopped in Afghanistan.


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