Ad-Derbasiyyah women: Kurdish row's unity is necessity at the moment

Women from Ad-Darbasiyyah district stressed that the unity of the Kurdish rank is a necessity at the moment, and called on the Kurdish parties to unite in order to formulate a new strategy and work for the liberation of the four parts of Kurdistan.

Reactions of the Kurdish people are increasing day by day in Rojava in order to unite the Kurdish row, due to the events are exacerbating in the area and attacks on various parts of Kurdistan.

In this context, Hawar News Agency met with a number of women in Ad-Darbasiyyah who called on the political parties to unite their ranks and work for the benefit of the Kurdish people and not for their personal interests.

Fawza Omar said that "in light of the threats of the Turkish occupation state, we all, especially the Kurdish parties, should unite and hold their conference as soon as possible."

And added "Kurdish parties must have one vote and one opinion to stand before the occupation and protect the gains that the occupation is trying to obliterate."

For her part, thecitizen Siham Ali described, the Kurdish parties that did not accept the convening of the Kurdistan National Conference and the unification of the Kurdish rank as "enemy" of the Kurdish people in general and is therefore called "treason."

Siham noted that there are Kurdish parties such as ENKS that cannot protect their cause or their people, they just run after their own interests and accept that the enemies commit massacres against their people. Therefore, they should review themselves and stand as the Kurdish parties that work for the benefit of the Kurdish people.

 And the citizen Sherivan Mohammed said that "We are demanding the unification of the Kurdish ranks because it is very necessary at the present time and the Kurdish parties must work to draw up a new strategy and for liberation the four parts of Kurdistan."




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