Ad-Darbasiya people: regime, rights orgs take position towards partition wall

Ad-Darbasiya people demanded that the Syrian regime and international organizations clarify their position on the wall being built by the Turkish occupation in Afrin, pointing out that the wall aims to kill all the components that live in Afrin and target the project of the democratic nation and brotherhood of peoples.

The occupation state continues its violations of the Syrian territory, especially in Afrin, the occupied canton, day after day of massacres and violations are committed against the people, this time the occupation seeks to isolate Afrin through the construction of the separation wall between Afrin and al-Shahba canton attempting to annex it to Turkish territory, even worse, they are burning crops.

In this regard, Hawar News Agency met with a number of people from ad-Darbasiya district of Al-Hasakah canton, they denounced the massacres and violations against the people and demanded that the Syrian regime clarify its position towards Afrin.

"A city like Afrin is known for its diverse components and its beautiful nature, but the Turkish occupation, which claims peace, committed the most terrible massacres there." Said Nisrin Mamo.

Nisrin noted that the Turkish occupation is building that wall in Afrin to "divide Syria". "All this is clear before the eyes of international and human rights organizations, but they ignore these violations, despite their declaration that they are against such practices committed in all countries of the world, as the Turkish occupation claims that it is always ready to protect Syrian territory, but in fact is trying to divide it. "

In conclusion, she called on the Syrian regime and human rights organizations to clarify their position for Afrin and to distance themselves from their personal interests.

"By establishing this wall, Turkey is seeking to recover its Ottoman history and to separate Afrin from the Syrian territory, as it did in Iskenderun," said Khaled Sheikho, describing the wall as "a wall against humanity."

Another citizen Berivan Saied noted that the silence of international organizations regarding the Turkish occupation's violations in Afrin is immoral and aims to kill all components coexisting in Afrin and targets the project of the democratic nation and brotherhood of peoples.



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