Activities against Turkish threats continue in its 33rd day

Hundreds of residents of Kobani Canton have been protesting at the Turkish border for weeks, rejecting Turkish threats of aggression against northern and eastern Syria.

The sit-in on the Turkish border in the village of Qaramogh, east of Kobani city, is part of dozens of events in different cities in the north and east of the country in rejection of the Turkish occupation and its threats launched months ago.

Since July 17, hundreds of people from the villages and towns of the canton have been arriving on a daily basis to an activity called "human shields" hundreds of meters from the Turkish border.

Members of Canton councils attend the event, along with visiting delegations including political parties and members of civic institutions.

On Sunday, hundreds of residents of Serin District of Kobani Canton, who formed a human wall near the separation fence on the Turkish border, attended and chanted slogans saluting the resistance on the 33rd day of the activity.



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