Activists: Turkey's children recruitment war crime punishable by law

Human rights activists say that the Turkish occupation's recruitment of Syrian children and to combat in conflict zones such as Libya and Yemen is a war crime punishable by international law.

Media reports said that the Turkish occupation authorities have recruited minors to fight alongside the Turkish-backed Accord Government in Libya.

Human rights activists from the Afrin region have confirmed reports of the Turkish occupation recruiting children, while stressing that such practices are a war crime punishable by international law.

The recruitment of Syrian children by the Turkish authorities is a war crime

"The recruitment of Syrian children by the Turkish authorities is a war crime under international law," said Roshin Mustafa, an activist.

Mustafa referred to the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on children's participation in armed conflicts adopted by UN General Assembly Resolution 263, the 54th session of 25 May 2000 and came into force on 23 February 2002. The obligation is to commit all signatories to the Protocol and the Children's Rights Act not to recruit minors in armed conflicts.

She also cited international human rights law, which classified the recruitment of minors as a "war crime". She called on all human rights organizations to fulfill their responsibilities and stop these violations in Afrin."

"Sending people to Libya and Yemen is a violation of international law"

The media spokesperson of the human rights organization the Afrin-Gabriel Mustafa region, said that the Turkish state and its mercenaries were sending the people to Libya and Yemen, in violation of international law.

"The Children's Rights Act emphasized the protection of children, and all the signatories of these agreements and rights are obliged to implement them. The UN has issued an appeal to all conflicting parties in Syria not to recruit minors."

Mustafa pointed out that all mercenary groups in Syria as well as the Turkish occupation state recruit minors in combat without interference, and condemned by international public opinion.

Mustafa also appealed to the UN body, including its institutions and international human rights organizations, as well as Russia, America and allied countries, to act immediately and to get Turkey out of the occupied areas of Syria, allow all displaced people to return to their homes, and stop violations by the Turkish state and armed factions.

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