Activists: Turkey believes that resistance women pose a threat to its regime

Activists criticized the countries' silence regarding the occupation’s attacks, and its targeting of women, and pointed out that “Turkey believes that women who resist are a threat to its regime, so they deliberately targeted them, and demanded the release of detained women.

War crimes against women are increasing in the territories occupied by the Turkish state, by kidnapping and killing them and asking for financial ransom, in addition to targeting them through their attacks on militant women and organizations.

In the context, the spokesperson for the Women’s Council of Manbij and its countryside, Ibtisam Abd al-Qadir and Kongra Star coordination in Aleppo, Nahla Mustafa condemned the practices of the occupier for ANHA agency.

Turkey believes that activists women pose a threat to its system

Initially, Ibtisam Abd al-Qadir said that the struggle led by women in the regions of northern and eastern Syria is afraid of the Turkish regime, and therefore direct strikes on women, and the recent attack he carried out in the city of Kobani targeting three women is a good example of this.

The Turkish state aims to strike the women's movement to weaken its resistance in NE, Syria.

Ibtisam criticized the world and countries' silence regarding the repeated attacks by the Turkish army, and said, "These violations primarily targeted women, because they play the primary role in building society. This was evident after the assassination of the Secretary General of the Future Syria Party, Hefrin Khalaf, in a brutal manner by its mercenaries, who were defending on the rights of women and the mother's Akida that joined the convoys of peace delegations in support of Serêkaniyê resistance.

She continued: The Turkish state believes that women who resist with this force and struggle pose a threat to its system, and therefore deliberately strike at women.

Ibtisam condemned these violations and attacks, and said, "These attacks will not weaken us in completing the struggle that the martyrs started."

Ibtisam promised at the end of her speech all the martyrs that their blood would not be in vain, and they would resist and struggle until their goal was achieved.

We demand the release of women detainees

In her turn, the Kongra Star coordination in the neighborhoods of Sheikh Maqsoud and al-Ashrafieh in the city of Aleppo, Nahla Mustafa, confirmed that the Turkish state's fears of women organizations who are fighting for the declaration of their intellectual liberation are increasing, so it is working hard to target them.

Nahla condemned the attacks of the Turkish occupation on Kurdistan and Kobani, and added, "When the occupied countries occupy the neighboring lands, they initially target women to undermine their will, because they are sure that women are able to confront them, and we have seen what the Turkish occupation did during its bombing of the Halanj village and targeting three women working to organize women, and defend women's rights. "

Nahla referred in the context of her talk to the practices of ISIS mercenaries towards the women of Şengal and imposing a different culture on them, and said: Now the Turkish occupation is completing a series of crimes of ISIS through its attacks on Şengal, Mexmûr and Qandil to Kobani.

On the suffering that women suffer, and their lack of justice in the areas occupied by Turkey, Nahla asked: Where is justice for women's rights, we demand that she release the women in prisons.

And concluded, saying, Nahla Mustafa made her appeal to the humanitarian organizations that advocate for the freedom of women to be the deciding rights of women.



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