Activists: Convoy of Turkish officers entering Idlib

A military convoy belonging to the Turkish occupation entered the province of Idlib, and activists from the area suggested it was escorting Turkish officers which had entered the area.

Activists in the so-called "reduction of escalation" reported that a military convoy of the Turkish occupation army entered from Kfralousin to the Syrian province of Idlib and headed south. It includes five jeeps, accompanied by medium machine guns.

The activists pointed out that these vehicles and escorts are not part of the patrols that enter between the period and the other, nor is it to replace the elements of the Turkish occupation army at the observation points, pointing out that it resembles a convoy recently entered, and then included Turkish officers met the leaders of mercenaries, "Haiet Tahrir al-SHam," controlling the Idlib.

This comes at a time when Russia and Turkey are negotiating to reach a truce in Idlib and the continuation of military reinforcements by the Turkish occupation to support mercenaries which was rejected by the mercenaries of the occupation and demanded the withdrawal of the regime forces from the areas they have recently occupied.



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