Activist: Turkey commits war crimes in Afrin 

A human rights activist said that the Turkish bombing of villages in Afrin and al-Shahba district claimed the lives of civilians within two months, and emphasized that Turkey is committing war crimes on Syrian soil.

A member of the Human Rights Organization in the Afrin canton - Syria, Gabriel Mustafa, held the Turkish state responsible for the crimes committed by mercenary gangs in the occupied areas of northern Syria.

"The crimes of the Turkish occupation and its affiliated factions in northern and eastern Syria in general and Afrin in particular are systematic crimes and violate this international humanitarian law and the four Geneva Conventions, especially the third common article between these agreements," Mustafa added.

"The violations of Turkey and its affiliated factions did not stop after its occupation of Afrin. Since our entry in 2020, the violations have intensified and extended to the displaced people to al-Shahba district and to the villages of Afrin canton that the Turkish army and its mercenaries have not occupied."

Six civilians are victims of the Turkish bombing within two months

Mustafa stated that during the months of January and February, a number of civilians were martyred in the bombing of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. "During these two months due to the bombing on al-Shahba and Sherawa districts 6 civilians were martyred, including children, and wounded 12 civilians. It was committed by the Turkish occupation on February 25 of the past month, in which three civilian martyrs were killed and three others were wounded.

Eastern Reform Project

Mustafa pointed out to Turkey’s goals from these attacks, “The goal is to achieve the pact and achieve the project of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the eastern reform, which he tried to implement in northern Kurdistan. These crimes committed by Turkey are the completion of that Atatürk project."

Thousands of students have been deprived of their right of education

Mustafa explained the results of the continuous bombing, "This bombing has prevented thousands of students from going to their schools as a result of the fear of the families and students from the bombing, and the religious places were not spared from the bombing. In the month of February of this year, the mosque of Sheikh Eis village in al-Shahba district was bombed."

war crimes

A member of the Human Rights Organization in Afrin Canton - Syria added, "The human rights organization in Afrin Canton- Syria has proven that Turkey is in control of mercenary factions from the judicial, executive and civil and military councils, knowing that international and human rights organizations have issued statements condemning these crimes."

"International organizations have issued statements that consider Turkish crimes to be war crimes," said Mustafa.

"The Independent Committee for Documentation of Violations in Syria and Human Rights issued a statement in 2019 confirming that the crimes committed in Afrin are war crimes carried out by the Turkish state and its affiliated factions in terms of killing, committing massacres and causing demographic change in them, and the United Nations condemned the Turkish State of the violations committed in Syria during a statement issued this month. "

Gabriel, at the end of his speech, appealed to the international authorities concerned to intervene immediately to stop the Turkish bombing and its mercenaries by saying: "We are a human rights organization in Afrin Canton- Syria. We appeal to the international community and human rights organizations to intervene quickly to stop the Turkish bombing of al-Shahba district and Sherawa districts, end the Turkish occupation and return the people of Afrin to their homes, numbered 300,000, and Turkish violations are still being committed in Afrin.



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