Actions for Öcalan in dozens of European cities

After the news that a fire broke out on the island of Imrali, where Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan is kept in absolute isolation, Kurds and their friends took to the streets in dozens of cities in Europe.

Activists took to the street in dozens of cities in Europe after the news of a fire in Imrali island where Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan and three other prisoners are held.

Switzerland and Sweden

Protests for Öcalan were carried out simultaneously in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsinborg and in Switzerland.

Speaking on behalf of the Amara Women's Council in Stockholm, Carolina Farraj said that the Kurdish People and their friends are deeply concerned about the health of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, who has been hostage of the Turkish state for 21 years. Farraj said: "We are concerned about the health and life of Öcalan. We do not accept the isolation imposed on Öcalan and we demand that it be removed immediately."

Speaking to the ANF, Swedish Democratic Kurdish Community Center (NCDK) co-chair Rıdvan Altun said: "Millions of Kurds are waiting for news from Imrali. We do not accept the Turkish state and its media to consider the forest fire on Imrali Island as an ordinary event. The isolation imposed upon Mr. Öcalan should be removed immediately, and he should be allowed to access his lawyer and relatives."

Altun called on all Kurds and their friends to join the demonstrations organised around Europe.


Hundreds of people gathered in front of the train station in Oberhausen claiming that Öcalan should immediately be allowed to meet with his lawyers. A statement read during the action said: "We are in great concern about the health and life of Önder Apo and the other three friends in Imrali island after news of the fire came true".

At the rally in front of the station, around 250 people called on the Council of Europe and the CPT to take responsibilit. German Die Linke, MLPD and Antifascist groups also supported the action organized by the Kurds.


Tens of people gathered in the city of Dortmun shouting slogans in favor of Öcalan and demanding to grant lawyers access to their client.


Kurds in Stuttgart said they were worried about Öcalan's situation. In the statement, it was pointed out that the fire in Imrali caused concern: "Kurds are concerned about the life of our Leadership. We won't leave the streets until we get news about his health."


Around 100 people took part to the action for Öcalan in Düsseldorf. Today activists will meet again demanding that the lawyers be granted a visit to Imrali.


An action was held in front of the train station demanding news about the situation of Öcalan. In a speech on behalf of the Martyrs Commune, it was stated that the AKP regime was responsible for the fire in Imralı. Activists called on the CPT and the Council of Europe to take their responsibilities.


The Turkish state was condemned in an action organized for Öcalan in front of the train station in Nuremberg city center. European institutions were asked to act immediately.


Kurds came together in front of the train station in Essen to express their concern about Öcalan's situation after the fire in Imrali. While activists shouted slogans against the Turkish regime, they also reacted to the international silence about the isolation on Öcalan.


Hundreds of people gathered in front of the train station in Cologne on Thursday, drawing attention to the situation of Öcalan after the fire in Imrali. Activists wanted the lawyers to have the opportunity to meet with Öcalan. "We are greatly concerned about the health and life of Önder Apo and our three friends on the island after the news of the fire in Imrali Island."


A march was held for Öcalan by Kurdish refugees in the camp in Lavrio, Greece. Activists marched to the city center. Making a statement on behalf of the activists in the city center, Burhan Karakoç said: "The Turkish state knows that the Kurdish people's feelings, brain, and future are in Imrali."


An action was organized for Öcalan in Marseille. Activists chanted slogans demanding freedom for Öcalan in front of the representation office of the European Union. A statement issued by activists demanded the Committee for the Prevention of Torture  to act. During the action, it was announced that a mass march would be held on Saturday.


In Paris, an action was organized in Saint Denis by the French Kurdish Women's Movement (TJK-F) and the French Democratic Kurdish Council (CDK-F).

Necmettin Demiralp, Paris Democratic Kurdish Community Center co-chair, and Şahin Polat, representative of the European Democratic Alevi Federation (FEDA), made a short speech.

In the speeches, it was stated that the Turkish State was responsible for the life and health of Öcalan, and European countries and related institutions were asked to take immediate action against the isolation imposed in Imralı.


An action was held in Den Haag, the Netherlands. Öcalan posters, PKK flags and a banner saying "Let's break the isolation, isolation is a crime against humanity, freedom for Öcalan" were displayed in the action in front of the Ministry of Interior building.


Kurds took to the streets in Bern, Basel and Geneva, Switzerland.

Kurds and their friends met at Bahnhofplatz in Bern. Concern about Öcalan's health and life was expressed. Kurdish politician Nejdet Atalay said: "We are concerned about the life of Mr. Öcalan. We want the lawyers to be granted access to Öcalan."

The action ended with a call for participation to the rally in Zurich Helvetiaplatz on Saturday at 2 pm.


Protesters opened a banner saying "If anything happens to Öcalan, we will burn the world" in front of the central train station in an action organised by Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger.


An action for Öcalan was carried out in the city of Basel in front of the central train station.


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