About the femicide committed against women in Egypt -Lebanon - HEVIDAR KHALED

Recently, the phenomenon of killing women has increased in many Arab countries. Hardly a day goes by that we do not hear about a crime here or a violation there all of them against women, whether they are at home, on the street, or even at work and public places, which the perpetrators often claim they have committed. They were committed out of so-called honor killings, but the main reason behind the spread of these crimes and killings is the masculine mentality that sees the killing of women as a continuation of their permanence.

There are many reasons for the murders committed against women in the Arab countries, especially in Egypt and Lebanon, and we must mention them and shed light on them and then analyze them thoroughly and deeply, in order to reach the roots and origins of the issue of violence against women on such a large scale without making any reaction towards it.

One of the main reasons behind the commission of these murders; The existing social and cultural structure, which is rooted in accordance with principles, customs and traditions, was dominated by a purely masculine authoritarian nature, which made women vulnerable to all kinds of violence, surrounded by laws, restrictions and procedures that put them between the pincers of men's power.

Violence against women is not new, as she has always been subjected to all kinds and types of violence, whether physical, psychological, economic and moral, in various ways and methods, which forced her to do many things that were imposed on her by force without her desire or will, but what is new in that is that most The murders that occur on an almost daily basis in both Egypt and Lebanon, in which the woman is accused of being the cause of all this, even though she is the first victim and if not the last. She listens to her husband's words, or she goes out alone late at night, or she does not inform her family that she will be late for home, and most of the time she is killed because she refuses to marry the man who proposes to her, or that she is the one who ended her life and dozens of other similar examples.

However, what helped promote this and distort the truth is the media, the media of power in the Arab countries, which sees defamation of women, their struggle and their lives as an arena for hostility to women and their cause, targeting their struggle and efforts and thus eliminating the vanguard role they play in society.

A few days ago, we witnessed the killing of the Lebanese young woman, Zainab Zaiter, 26, by her husband, who was shot dead in front of her children. What ignited anger and demands to stop violent crimes against women, but there’s no response, as the case of Zainab’s femicide will be closed like the fate of hundreds of her peers after she was buried, while the killer is hiding from view, but the most painful are the accusations that were thrown against the victim that she had pictures in her phone in which she did not wear Hijab, what crime is this! Under this pretext, her brother says in a video clip that he would have wanted to kill his sister on behalf of her husband! In a chilling truth and abhorrent violence towards a woman, especially as she is his sister... Perhaps words cannot express a brother who wants to kill his sister, and why? Because she took a selfie without Hjab in her home.!!

The same applies to Egypt, which is not far from what is happening in Lebanon, after the murders of women have escalated dramatically in the recent period. The Sons of Giza area in the 6th of October City witnessed a heinous murder, after an electrician killed his wife in their home, stabbing her several times. with a knife, mostly concentrated in the chest area; Which led to her killing and ending her life.

Of course, the situation in light of all these crimes requires more activity and feminist action through which women can dismantle the particles of violence practiced against them in society, and it is also in dire need for the concerted efforts of government agencies and civil society organizations, especially women's organizations, to combat and curb this phenomenon.

Although many Arab countries have passed laws related to protecting women from domestic or marital violence, or violence in general, these laws have so far been unable to protect women as required. As it is known, these are the only crimes that the media touched upon, but there are thousands of crimes and cases of murder and death, which remain far from the lens of cameras, and Arab women are the victims.

T/ Satt.