Aboul Gheit: Turkey and Iran show desire to attack Arab  area

The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, said that Turkey, Iran and Israel seek after their interests in the Arab region, and he stressed that Ankara and Tehran desire to attack Arab countries.

Aboul Gheit explained, according to an interview with an Arab newspaper and published by the official news agency in Egypt, about his vision of the behavior of non-Arab regional powers, Turkey, Iran and Israel, in the region, that “these forces have interests in the Arab region, and in the last decade we have witnessed a kind of the political recklessness on the part of Turkey and Iran, which showed that they have a desire to pounce on what they perceive to be their gains due to the chaos that some countries in the region have entered since 2011".

"Some believe that our response as Arabs to Iranian and Turkish interventions and policies means as if we acknowledge or accept the Israeli behavior, and this is definitely wrong. Arab relations with Israel, no matter how much improvement there are at certain levels, will remain, in my view, far from comprehensive acceptance as long as  Israel's occupation of the Palestinian and Arab lands continues." He added. "there is a clear Arab position in condemning and rejecting all forms of foreign interference in the Libyan affairs, which have made Libya a theater for the military interventions of a member state of the Arab League. "he explained.

Regarding the Syrian crisis and the direct and indirect military intervention of a number of parties, Aboul Gheit said, “This intervention has contributed to complicating this crisis and prolonging it, because all the intervening parties have interests that they want to achieve, and some of them think that they have invested in this conflict for years, and do not want to exit  without gains, and what is dangerous is the intentions of some of these parties for a long-term existence that paves the way for procedures and policies aimed at demographic change in some Syrian regions, and this is unacceptable for the Arabs, and this rejection was expressed in several decisions issued by the Ministerial Council of the Arab League.




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