Abdi: War injured have pioneer role in restructuring SDF

The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Mazloum Abdi has stressed on the pioneer role of the war casualties during defense and construction stage, in particular in the restructuring of SDF.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, delivered the opening speech at the first conference of war injuries in northern and eastern Syria, held in the town of Rumailan.

We are entering a new phase that requires the organization of our ranks and the protection of the borders of our regions.

Abdi first welcomed all the participants and praised all the war injuries and their great sacrifices during the liberation stage.

Abdi said, "As you know, after the eradication of Daesh, we have been facing a new stage that imposes on us a number of responsibilities and duties, the most important of which are the reorganization of our ranks, and the protection of the borders of our regions until arriving to political solution to the crisis in Syria."

Abdi concluded, "After liberation, there must be a political solution at this new stage. We must not say that our war ended because the other forces will try to sabotage our regions and undermine security and stability. The war against Daesh ended, and now the protection of our areas has become a basic duty. As a military force, we will intensify our struggle and increase our missions to confront all attacks and schemes targeting our areas."

We are ready for dialogue with all parties

He continued, "We do not want war in the region. We are working to resolve the issues through dialogue away from war, and we are ready for the political solution with all parties, whether the Syrian regime, Turkey or others. Our way for solution is dialogue."

Our philosophy is stronger than physical injury

Abdi praised the sacrifices of the wounded fighters during the war and the liberation battles, and said, "In this war, 24 thousand fighters were wounded. Those wounded comrades did not fall, but rose again with courage. Our philosophy and ideas are stronger than any physical problems. Those comrades sacrificed their souls for the revolution, and we, in turn, will carry out the responsibilities that lie ahead."

We are entering the process of restructuring SDF and the injured fighters have pioneer role

He said, "For SDF to be able to play their role in the Syrian crisis in general, we are facing large projects that will be accomplished through the military councils in the regions. There is an expanded conference for SDF, and this stage is important, in which the injured comrades will have an active role. They must participate in all institutions of SDF. The physical disabilities will not be a hindrance, and all of them can play a pioneer role in this project."

Abdi added, "We hope that this conference will make decisions that contribute to enhancing the pioneer role of the war-wounded in the process of establishing the SDF. They must believe in their capabilities, and as they contributed with dedication and courage in the war and liberation stage, they will play the same role in the construction phase, the defense phase and the stage of building the national army."

The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi saluted the participants at the end of his speech and wished the success of the participants in the conference.



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