Abdel Fattah: Ocalan has effective solutions to solve Syrian crisis, entire Middle East

Egyptian writer and journalist Sayed Abdel Fattah said that the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan has a comprehensive intellectual theory based on principles, values of humanity and moral lofty, and said: "If applied on the ground, it is enough to solve the Syrian crisis and the problems of the Middle East."

The Syrian crisis entered its ninth year without finding any solution to serve the Syrian people, who suffered from the scourge and wars between the Syrian regime and the forces that are fighting against it for power and supported by some regional and international countries, headed by Turkey, which tries to bite the largest amount of Syrian cake.

All the international, regional and Arab meetings that were held to resolve the Syrian crisis, despite the sequence of its episodes, some of which reached episode 12 were not effective. The reason lies in the external interventions in the Syrian crisis such as Turkey which occupied several regions of Syrian geography, Russia, Iran, America, The most important reason is the inability of what the Syrian opposition called the various names to put forward any project that serves the Syrian people and their aspirations, but rather  they were in the lap of Turkey, which occasionally occupied parts of the Syrian territory and traded with the Syrian people under the pretext of protecting the displaced Syrians.

Recently, the leader Abdullah Ocalan, the author of the theory of "The Democratic Nation" in the modern era, and through a letter addressed to the people of the region through his lawyer during the meeting on September 22, expressed his readiness to resolve the Syrian crisis, stating that if he had the right circumstances to solve the Syrian crisis, all the groups of people in Syria and the Middle East also, because the sons of North and East Syria with all their components, sects and segments followed the Ocalan theory and applied it in the region and managed to manage themselves and protected their culture and social values and determined the mercenaries of Daesh.

Ocalan's theory is capable of solving the problems of the Middle East

"With regard to the statements made by leader Abdullah Ocalan, we have said many times before that this Ocalan can provide effective solutions to the Syrian crisis, not only in Syria, but the entire Middle East," Egyptian writer and journalist Sayed Abdel Fattah, who has visited northern and eastern Syria several times. Because Ocalan has a comprehensive intellectual theory if applied on the ground, it is capable of solving the problems of the Middle East, a theory that stems from this land and therefore it is not strange, a theory based on the foundations and values ​​and principles of human and moral and sublime and deeply rooted on this land and in all peoples living on the Middle East, theory is deeply aware of the reality of the human composition of the region and the specificities of its people, and is working to strengthen the principles of peaceful coexistence between the peoples of the region, which is ancient, and the importance of Ocalan's statements about Syria emphasizes the freedom of the people of northern Syria and the importance of the struggle for it, and this struggl for all people," he said.

Freedom can only be achieved through struggle, and action

Abdul Fattah pointed out that the peoples of Syria are required to realize the importance of their freedom, adding "Freedom can only be achieved through struggle, and action. It is not for those peoples to expect their freedom to be respected by others, whether it is a ruling regime or regional or international forces. The importance of the rule of peaceful co-existence and cooperation among them so as to achieve their common interests and establish the security and stability necessary for the process of construction, development, and progress. In all fields what Ocalan said is that to protect Syrian unity, Syrian people must live a common life, and that if they can apply this model, no power will be able to undermine them. "

The Egyptian writer and journalist Sayed Abdel Fattah stressed the need for the regional and global states to prepare the conditions for the leader Ocalan and to support Ocalan more to resolve the Syrian crisis. He drew attention: "Regional and international countries, unfortunately, missed many years in taking hostile positions or at least not positive attitudes to the Kurdish cause and the struggle of the Kurdish people represented by Ocalan and his comrades, and to the ideas and initiatives he proposed to solve the problem of the Kurdish people in both Turkey and Syria, and the problems of the peoples of the region and the involvement of most of these countries in fighting and hostile against Ocalan and his comrades and plotted against him. But these countries have realized very belatedly the importance of the ideas that Ocalan had put forward over the past few years.Therefore these countries have to support Ocalan and his comrades more to resolve the Syrian crisis,  and release Ocalan.



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