Abbas criticizes keeping away political parties from Kurdish unity discussions

The general secretary of the Kurdistan National Rally Party, Muhammad Abbas, criticized the failure of all parties and segments of the Kurdish community to participate in the discussions of Kurdish unity, calling for all Kurdish parties to meet in Syria to achieve Kurdish national unity.

Many Kurdish parties in the northeast Syria support and support the initiative of  the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi for unity. Meetings between the so-called Kurdish National Council and the Democratic Union Party, and in this context are criticized by the Kurdish political parties for not including all the parties in the dialogue for the Kurdish unity.

On this issue, our agency ANHA met with the Secretary General of the Kurdistan National Rally Party, Muhammad Abbas, who stressed in his speech the importance of uniting the Kurdish rank and moving to the unity of the Syrian rank in general, and said: "We must unify the Kurdish rank in the beginning, so that we can deal with all parties and segments of the Syrian society, and deal with friendly countries that can play a ggod-will role in fostering unity. "

Abbas went on to talk about the lack of participation of all Kurdish parties in the ongoing discussions to achieve Kurdish unity, and that they only content themselves with the Democratic Union Party.

He commented on this by saying: "We believe that it is wrong for the Kurdish National Council to ask the Democratic Union Party not to attend Or the participation of other Kurdish parties in the Kurdish agreement or dialogue. "

He added, "  ENKS does not sit with us, only on condition that it sit with the Democratic Union Party. I think that the Democratic Union Party is going easy with it in order to take a step towards unity and resolve the outstanding differences."

He pointed out that the Democratic Union Party wants all parties and groups to participate in dialogue together, for the sake of Kurdish unity and national democratic dialogue.

He asked about the policy of the National Council in marginalizing the leaders of the rest of the Kurdish parties, and he said: "I am 62 years old. Most of the leaders of the National Council were my students in the political field, so I wonder: Why does the National Council marginalize the political leaderships of the rest of the parties?"

Abbas explained that the National Council, with its "current policy," wanted to "cover up its shortcomings and weaknesses," accusing it of not providing anything to the Kurdish people, describing the work of the political party as "a means, not an end."

Abbas criticized the positions of the National Council on the Kurdish parties affiliated with the Autonomous Democratic administration, and said that the National Council fights these parties.

Abbas called on the leadership of the Kurdistan region of Başûr, especially Nejirvan and Masoud Barzani, to call on the National Council to change its current policy and positions, hoping that it will change its current mentality.

Abbas said, "The Kurdish issue is not related to the National Council and the Democratic Union Party, but rather it is specific to the general Kurdish people inside Syria, and it is in the interest of the people and not the parties. Therefore, unity is a national gain for the Kurdish people."

"Our people are waiting for achievements, and we are waiting for them to tell them the promise of unity," said Patriotic Rally party secretary general Mohammad Abbas.

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