AA's representatives meet with Belgian Foreign Ministry delegation

The diplomatic representatives of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria continue to hold meetings with organizations and governments, to discuss the most important issues in Syria in general, and north-eastern Syria in particular.

On Tuesday, a delegation from the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, represented by the Joint Vice-Presidency of the Executive Council Badran Jia Kurd, and the co-chair of the Department of Foreign Relations PH.D. Abdelkarim Omar, met with a delegation from the Belgian Foreign Ministry represented by the chief staff of the Foreign Ministry Bernard Quentin, Director-General for Bilateral Affairs Annik van Kallister, Director of International Judicial Cooperation, Belgian Assistant Tina Schulers, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Foreign Minister Martin Vervoort's advisor, the meeting was held at the Foreign Office in Brussels.

During the meeting, there were exchanges of views on the situation in Syria in general, and the situation in northeast Syria in particular, and the developments in Idlib, and the situation of the displaced.

It was stressed that humanitarian assistance provided by the international community should reach all people, and in all areas of Syria without exception.

The two sides stressed the need for joint cooperation and coordination to address the problem of thousands of ISIS mercenaries and their families who are existed in NE, Syria.

It was agreed that similar meetings should continue and consultation on many issues of interest to both parties.



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