AA's official in Kobani: There are parties agree with Turkey for launching its threats

Mohammed Shaheen, Deputy co-chair of the Executive Council of Autonomous Administration in Euphrates region, said: there are parties agree with Turkey on the issue of threats, and stressed the AA is ready for dialogue to resolve all problems.

Despite an understanding on the border security mechanism to ensure the security of Syria's northern border with Turkey, where US are mediated between SDF and Turkey, and wants to invade the the area militarily.

The threats come despite the SDF's implementation of the stages of understanding on the border security mechanism, having handed over their border points between the towns of Serêkaniyê and GIRÊ SPî/ Tel-Abyed to the local military councils there.

He added, "The aim of establishing Turkey a safe zone (according to the Turkish vision) along the border is to occupy the region, as happened in Idlib, Afrin, Azaz, al-Bab and Jarablus, Turkey believes that the areas it occupies are safe while everyone sees abuses committed by Turkish mercenaries such as killing, torture, displacement and demographic change in those areas. "

Shaheen said that the other Turkish goal is to sow discord among the peoples of the region and destabilize the security of the region, in addition to targeting the democratic project implemented in the north of Syria, where each component rule itself.

And added "Although SDF has implemented all the terms of the agreement, the AKP insists on continuing to threaten the region with a military offensive under various pretexts, Turkey 's policy aims to distract from its internal problems and the crisis experienced internally and exported abroad, and there are who support it in this policy and threats to areas of northern and eastern Syria, such as Russia and Iran and anyone who has an interest in deepening the Syrian crisis.

He stressed that "as the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria and the forces protecting the region, we have implemented all the agreements that protect our borders and our people." we considered it necessary to develop a plan to ensure the security of our borders against any Turkish threat, the forces of Serêkaniyê and GIRÊ SPî/ Tel-Abyed Military Councils are implementing the border security mechanism in full, but Turkey is not satisfied because its goal is different."

Mohammad Shaheen expressed regret that the Syrian government has turned a blind eye to the threats without showing any reaction, pointing out that this indicates that there are secret agreements between the Syrian government and the Turkish state, Iran and Russia against AA's regions.

"We can say that it (the Syrian government) agreed to Turkey's occupation of northern and eastern Syria."

Shaheen did not rule out consensus between the United States and Turkey "under the table."

Mohammad Shaheen stressed that AA is ready for dialogue with the Syrian government, the opposition and neighboring countries as Turkey to solve all problems through diplomacy and dialogue.



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