AA's legal adviser … Trial of ISIS mercenaries is urgent matter

The Legal Adviser of the Autonomous Administration of the North and East Syria, Anwar al-Musharraf, confirmed that the establishment of an international court for trying ISIS mercenaries has become an urgent matter. He noted that this court will add a political victory to the military one of the SDF.

After calls of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Autonomous  Administration of the North and East Syria for establishing an international court to try ISIS mercenaries, it is reported that the international coalition intends to establish this court in an attempt to end one of the most important files left by ISIS mercenaries, as the administration’s detention centers contain more than 12,000 detainees from different foreign and Arab nationalities.

Anwar al-Musharraf, the legal advisor to the Autonomous Administration spoke in a private interview with Hawar news agency about the necessity of establishing an international court to try ISIS mercenaries.

The adviser said that the SDF sent many invitations to the international community and international bodies in this regard, calling for establishing a court for ISIS mercenaries file that is an international issue that excludes the danger of the time bomb of these mercenaries exploding.

He emphasized that "ISIS has repeatedly attempted to detonate this time bomb through a rebellion inside prisons, but the SDF's vigilance and suppression prevented that rebellion at the appropriate time to postpone a major catastrophe that might happen inside the prisons of SDF."

Al-Musharraf said: "The flight of these mercenaries will create a catastrophe that the entire world will pay for, not just the areas where ISIS mercenaries are present."

He added: "The establishment of the international trial is a recognition and a political victory that is added to the victory of SDF."

The adviser pointed out that "the establishment of the international trial within the Autonomous regions is an international recognition of this administration, and the majority of the judges of this international trial will be from its regions with the possibility of international judicial supervision over the conduct of the trial."

He explained: "The establishment of the trial will highlight the amount of sacrifices of the Syrian Democratic Forces and grateful for the sacrifices of 11,000 martyrs and more than 25,000 wounded."

Al-Musharraf noted: "This court will provide a political victory in addition to the military victory of the Syrian Democratic Forces in defeating ISIS mercenaries. That historic victory started in Kobani and ended in al-Baghuz, the last ISIS mercenaries’ stronghold in northeast Syria."

It is noteworthy that the U.S. Department of Defense confirmed in a report that the mission of the international coalition in combating ISIS faces serious risks, especially with the fact that thousands of ISIS mercenaries remain in prisons in northern and eastern Syria without a clear international plan to transfer and prosecute them, which may turn them into a time bomb.



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