​​​​​​​AANES's New aid for earthquake victims

Aid went to Al-Tayha crossing from the people of Kobani for those affected by the earthquake of last February 6, the aid was collected in the context of AANES's campaign "Together for Humanity."

According to ANHA correspondents in Kobani canton, two trucks set off towards the Al-Tayha crossing in the city of Manbij for earthquake-affected areas in Aleppo and Al-Shahba. Helen Hajim, the co-chair of the Social Affairs and Labor Authority in the Autonomous Administration of the Euphrates region, gave an explanation to the media about the aid.

Hajim said, "We have done our best for more than a month to help the families and families of the victims in the affected areas, so we launched a campaign, and today we send them what we have collected."

She pointed out "For more than a week we have been trying to send the aid, but the roads were blocked in front of us, and today we obtained permission for the passage of that aid to the affected areas." On March 14, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria withdrew a convoy of humanitarian aid from the Al-Tayha crossing over Damascus government preventing it from crossing to the earthquake-affected people in Aleppo.

Damascus government had prevented for 9 consecutive days the passage of other aid for the affected people in Aleppo and al-Shahba. It included 100 tanks of fuel provided by the Autonomous Administration, a day after the earthquake.



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