AANES's Health Body discusses ways of cooperation with Catalan Parliament

AANES's Health Body discussed with deputies in the Catalan parliament the health situation in NE Syria and ways to develop it.

On Tuesday April 4th, The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria visited the Catalonia region over official invitation by the Parliament of the Basque Country and Catalonia.

The delegation included the co-chair of the Health Body Jiwan Mustafa, and the representative of the Autonomous Administration in Belgium, Faiq Omar.

AANES's delegation was received by the parliamentarian of the ruling left-wing republican party, Jordi Albert, the parliamentarian of the Solidarity for Catalonia Party and the foreign relations official in the Catalan parliament, Francis Damlasez, the parliamentarian of the left-wing CUP party, Akarlis Riera, and the health official in the Catalan parliament, Loria Lozano.

"The Discussions between the two sides in Barcelona centered on the health situation in NE Syria and how to develop it through partnerships and agreements between them", the co-chair of the Health Body Jiwan Mustafa said to ANHA agency.

In a telephone statement to ANHA agency Mustafa confirmed that they had received promises described as positive  from the Catalan Parliament, which would concentrate on the health reality in the coming period.

Worth to note that Jiwan Mustafa is scheduled to meet with the parliament of the Basque region today.



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