AA warns against dividing Syria if Turkish occupation continues

The Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria indicated that the continued Turkish occupation of Afrin and the rest of the Syrian regions constitutes a major threat to the future of Syria and its people, and is considered a public warning of dividing Syria and dispersing the unity of its people, noting that the international community and the Syrian government must adopt removing Turkey from the occupied areas as a step towards a solution in Syria.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria today issued a written statement to the public opinion, on the occasion of the second anniversary of the occupation of the Turkish state and its mercenaries for Afrin, which falls on the 18th of March.

The text of the statement read:

"The Turkish state launched with a mercenary faction two years ago a fascist attack on Afrin, in light of international silence and within the agreements that took place with Russia at the time. This attack was carried out with various types of weapons, and its aim was to target the democratic experience of our people in general and Afrin in particular, as it enjoyed clear stability compared with other regions.

Our people in Afrin then made historical and heroic resistance by confronting the attacks of the Turkish state which used all kinds of sophisticated weapons, including internationally prohibited weapons and warplanes, as the resistance of the era lasted (58) days, with high spirit and great sacrifices despite the great brutal targeting of Before Turkey.

The attacks on Afrin destroyed the infrastructure, hospitals, schools, historical buildings, and civil institutions, in a sign and confirmation from Turkey of its mentality and its destructive approach. The fascist aggression resulted in hundreds of martyrs and wounded, among them children and the elderly.

But this did not undermine the will and determination of our people to continue the resistance until now, whether in the second resistance stage by the resistance forces "Afrin Liberation Forces", or through our people staying in al- Shahba camps, their steadfastness and their insistence on returning to their homes and lands.

The Turkish state and its mercenaries, and over two years of occupation of the Afrin region, carry out the most brutal types of violations, ranging from practicing policies of demographic change, displacement of the indigenous population and changing the identity of the region and resettlement of strangers in it, to carrying out various actions against morality and law, through kidnapping, killing and threatening those who remain inside Afrin, not to mention the extent of the suffering that the people of Afrin are dispersed between inside and outside, and in al-Shahba area and the poor humanitarian situation in which they live, which requires from international society to undertake its responsible in this context.

The continuation of the Turkish occupation of Afrin and the rest of the Syrian regions poses a great danger to the future of Syria and its people, as well as a public warning of dividing Syria and dispersing the unity of its people, and this is what we have always been and we are always stressing on it, as all forces must cooperate to confront this destructive project.

We in the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria remember the resistance of our people in Afrin, as well as the constant resistance of our people in al-Shahba, and we appreciate the sacrifices that had been achieved by our martyrs in defense of democratic experience and the unity of peoples, and we highly value the championships of the YPG and YPJ units in Afrin that continue to this day.

Afrin, which was a symbol of stability and sheltering thousands of displaced people from other Syrian regions, today suffers from the occupation and practices of mercenaries who do not know the lowest moral and humanitarian standards.

As we AA, we affirm that our choice in resisting and defending Afrin is continuous, and we will only accept a decent and safe return of our people to their homes, as we demand world opinion to move and transfer the suffering of our people in Afrin and show their responsibilities towards them.

Likewise, fact-finding committees must be formed by the United Nations, to be informed of what Turkey and its mercenaries are doing in Afrin and in the whole of the Syrian areas they occupy, and to hold them accountable for that.

Also, all international and international parties, as well as the regime in Damascus, must be based on accurately diagnosing the Syrian solution leading to stability, and adopting Turkey's exit from the areas it occupies in Syria as a step and a serious stance towards the solution in Syria.

Without that, and with Turkey and its threats, there will be no stability in Syria and the entire region.

The statement concluded with slogans, "A salute to the souls of the martyrs of Afrin and all the martyrs of freedom, a tribute to our wounded heroes, a tribute to our resisting people in al-Shahba."



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