AA: Turkish threats will complicate Syrian crisis, have catastrophic repercussions on region

The Autonomous Administration of the north and east of Syria stressed that any new Turkish attack would destabilize the region and would be an opportunity for ISIS to reorganize itself and thus complicate the Syrian crisis and would have catastrophic repercussions for the whole region, appealing to the components of the region to uphold the same option that defeated ISIS and terrorism.

The Autonomous Administration(AA) of northern and eastern Syria issued a written statement to the public on the continuing Turkish threats of attacks on northern and eastern Syria.

The statement reads:

" The components of our people in northern and eastern Syria have contributed to maintaining stability and security in our regions. We have not accepted any attempt to divide Syria or break up its social unity. We have not threatened the security and stability of the neighboring countries, on the contrary, we have always tried to present the dialogue which is the best solution for all issues.

We have played a major role and made great sacrifices in coordination with the Global Coalition to eliminate ISIS and liberate one third of Syria's area of ​​terrorism and we have won over the most powerful military and geographical terrorist organization on behalf of the whole free and humanitarian world, but terrorism still exists through hundreds of sleeper cells, in addition to the ISIS ideology that has spread to areas that have remained under ISIS for years, as well as through tens of thousands of ISIS fighters and mercenaries and their families in camps and detention centers in AA areas, where we continue on the same goal to eliminate ISIS's sleeper cells and ensure stability and security.

The ongoing Turkish threats are serious and threaten the security and stability of the region, especially the areas liberated from ISIS and where the various components live in harmony. Today, the Turkish President renewed his threats to invade the region despite our commitment to all the terms of "the security mechanism" agreed upon with the United States of America to prevent the justification for any Turkish occupation as happened in Afrin, Jrablos, Azaz and al-Bab.

Any new Turkish attack would destabilize the region, serve terror and be a real opportunity for ISIS to reorganize itself and thus take control of large areas of Syria, as well as an opportunity for ISIS detainees and their families to flee, which would pose a threat to the region and the world. Millions of unarmed Syrians will leave the area to various countries of the world will lead to a humanitarian disaster.

We in the AA of North and East Syria, call on all components of our people to uphold the same option that has defeated ISIS and terrorism and to prove once again that we are the most pro-democracy and unified Syrian party as well as to preserve the security and safety of the region. We also call on the international community with all its institutions to pressure Turkey to prevent any aggression. We also call on the United Nations, where Erdogan draws strength from the form of international exclusion of the will of our people in the Constitutional Commission which excluded our components, at the same time we call on the countries of the European Union and the actors in Syria, including the Global Coalition to take positions that reduce the Turkish threat and danger. The dialogue and our quest for it stem from the size of our responsibilities to avoid the region destructive war, but if Turkey carries out its threats, we can only exercise our legitimate right to defend our land and the various components of our people with our strength, determination, and will.''



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