AA: Turkish occupation exporting its internal crisis abroad by threatening our areas

The Autonomous Administration (AA) of North and East Syria noted that dialogue is the safest way to bring the points of view closer, stressing their rejection of the Turkish threats to the north and east of Syria, asking the world public opinion to express a clear position on Turkish practices in Syria.

The Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria today issued a public statement on the Turkish threats and the military reinforcements of the Turkish occupation to the border in the areas of Gire Spi and its threats to the Tel Rifaat area, which shelters thousands of forcibly displaced from Afrin in the areas of al-Shahba.

"The AKP exports its internal crisis and the problems that Turkey suffers abroad," the AA said, noting that the outcome of the Turkish intervention in the regional areas has become clear even in Libya and Iraq.

The statement noted:

Turkey, through its occupation policies in the region, seeks to undermine the stability and security that exists, as it did throughout the crisis in Syria, and continues to threaten and send military reinforcements to the border in Tal Abyad (Gire Spi areas), as well as its threats to the Tel Rifaat area, which houses thousands of forcibly displaced people from Afrin in the areas of Shahba is nothing but a continuation of the policy of occupation and the destabilization of the efforts of the solution in Syria as well as an attempt by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) to export its internal crisis and the problems experienced by Turkey at various levels, including the political and economic aspect because of the policies of the party with Erdogan losing to the elections, pushing Erdogan to revenge and distracting the Turkish public opinion by deceiving baseless things and providing support to mercenaries and extremist groups in Syria in order to create chaos in order to serve these objectives.

The result of Turkey's intervention in the regional environment is clear even in Libya and Iraq, which explains that the Turkish state wants to divide all the areas it touches and wants to create and deepen differences, which achieves its agendas in the region at the expense of the peoples and their ambitions. These policies of retaliation against the Turkish state in the region will cause great problems in the Turkish interior, especially with the loss of political balance due to the practices of AKP which threatens a real disaster is not in favor of Turkey.

We, in the AA of North and East Syria, affirm that dialogue is always the safest way to resolve and discuss points of view, but we will not accept in any way the Turkish threats to our regions. We appeal on behalf of the components of our people to the world public opinion as well as the United Nations, On the solution and stability in Syria and strive for the democratic aspirations of the Syrian people to show their clear and public positions of Turkish practices in Syria and its direct occupation of the Syrian regions and its continuing threats to our regions and our people, and all the democratic forces and Turkish public opinion must stand together in order to prevent the expansion of the circle of problems that will plunge Turkey into issues that are not for the benefit of the Turkish people. There must be pressure on Erdogan to refrain from interfering.

"In conclusion, we affirm that we are committed to protecting the achievements of our people and the achievements of the various components in the north and east of Syria from a genuine democratic administration which is an important basis for the national solution in Syria"



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