AA: The curfew is 15 days and extendable

The Autonomous Administration in Northern and Eastern Syria appealed to the general public to the need to adhere to the announced procedures in order to ensure public safety, and indicated that the period of curfew in the region is 15 days, and is extendable.

The Autonomous Administration (AA) for Northern and Eastern Syria issued a statement to the public opinion, and I made an appeal to all people to adhere to the procedures announced by the Administration to stave off the outbreak of the Corona virus.

The Autonomous Administration pointed out through its statement that, in light of the great danger of the Coronavirus (COVID19) and the major challenges that obligate the entire world to take the necessary measures, especially preventive ones, as well as a commitment to the circular issued by the AA of northern and eastern Syria in this framework, and in the interest of public safety, we go in the AA of northern and eastern Syria to the entire people of our people, working seriously and cooperating with us to facilitate our work, as well as to ward off this great danger that threatens the entire world.

"We are facing real challenges and great responsibilities that make it necessary for us to take the necessary measures.

Our areas being so far void of any infected cases motivates us to double our efforts, our understanding and our cooperation with the concerned parties more.

Through the statement, the administration appealed to the general public to abide by the announced measures in the interest of public safety, and said: "We are all confident in the responsible spirit and high culture in this context."

The Autonomous Administration noted: “We also inform our people that the curfew period starts from March 23 at 6 am, and for a period of 15 days from its date, with the possibility of extension in case of necessity and the public interest.”



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