AA statement on 2nd anniversary of Afrin canton’s attack

The Autonomous Administration (AA) of Afrin canton noted that the attacks that targeted Afrin canton with heavy weapons were met with a heroic resistance that lasted 58 days, and called on organizations to play their role to end the occupation, remove its consequences, and ensure the safe return of the people of Afrin.

By the second annual start of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, the attack on Afrin canton, today, the Autonomous Administration of Afrin issued a written statement to the public opinion.

The text of the statement:

With the passage of the second anniversary of the Turkish aggression and its mercenaries on Afrin, the Syrian scene, especially the Autonomous Administration areas in northern and eastern Syria, is witnessing more conflicts between the powers involved in the Syrian issue, and at the expense of its people between a party supporting the government, and another party supporting the forces of extremism and terrorism, represented by the occupation state Turkish, which harnessed all its capabilities to sabotage Syria, tear the Syrian social fabric, especially the Kurds, with a view to annihilating them, and hitting their democratic political project to solve the Syrian crisis. "

The Turkish state, after losing its bet on the terrorist forces, especially ISIS, which suffered consecutive defeats at the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and toppling its alleged capital in the city of Raqqa, Turkey intervened directly to support terrorism and give it an opportunity to organize its ranks, and it attacked Afrin with the help of tens of thousands of mercenary factions and used all weapons, including internationally prohibited, advanced technology, and directly targeted civilians, infrastructure, and antiquities, to exterminate the Kurds culturally and existentially, colliding with a heroic resistance that lasted 58 days, in which all the people of Afrin and all their components participated.

The Turkish aggression was the result of the convergence of interests between the countries involved in the Syrian issue and at the expense of its people, while international organizations did not play any role.

We in the Afrin region condemn the continued silence of states and organizations regarding the Turkish occupation and the continuous daily violations against Afrin on the ground and the people, and we call on them to do their part to end the occupation and remove its effects, and ensure the safe return of the people of Afrin.

The statement concluded by saying: "We, as children of the displaced Afrin in Al-Shahba district, pledge to the martyrs and their families and leader Apo to continue the resistance and struggle until the liberation of Afrin."



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